Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


Good grief.



I go from either eating minimal with lots of exercise leaving me with a smug feeling of control or toast booze central with feelings of regret. I’ve put on 2lbs this week as a result of shit diet and none of it is healthy which in turn makes me feel like turd. BACK ON IT FROM TODAY DUDES


Hit a milestone this morning, must resist the urge to celebrate with pizza and beer.


had a shit microwave bolognese for lunch, hit a bench PR this afternoon

ready meals = gainz ??


Try the 7 minute workout app. I use that.
As well as various 7 minute workouts, there is also a 30 day challenge with workouts that are ~20 mins.


been gently ramping up to lifting decent amounts of weight without aggravating my bad back for the past month or so. did one session with my brother and got peer pressured into having a deadlift 1rm competition. now my lower back feels like it might wig out at any moment. very very stupid person.


So exactly 6 weeks into my 12 week challenge and I’ve dropped a stone. That’s great on its own, but the biggest difference is how I feel (in terms of strength, energy, happiness) and also how my body has changed and I’m dropping the dad bod and moving back 5-8 years in terms of weight and shape.

The gym sessions have been great and I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my fitness and strength. Lifting heavier weights, better stamina at boxing/tabata training and started to make some mates which mean the classes are enjoyable.

Alongside the training I’ve been on a calorie controlled diet. During the week it’s fine but at the weekend it can be a struggle and have had the occasional take away/night out. Also travelling every few weeks makes it a struggle to eat away well with work, but I’ve been trying and the principles of the diet should hold me in good stead.

The final improvement has been in my boozing issue - no long am i pining for a beer because the gym is giving me a rush that I need and then helping me sleep a lot better. the last 5 weeks we’ve been on a futon as I’ve simultaneously redecorated our bedroom/walk-in wardrobe and have built new furniture etc. The futon is really uncomfy but I’ve slept the best since having kids.

So looking forward to the next 6 weeks and where I end up. And may sign up to do the challenge again in the new year to see if I can shift 3 stone total in 6 months, while gaining some muscle and general fitness.

:grinning::muscle::leg::facepunch::ok_hand:(not racist)


Nice - a stone is impressive.

Did you get into going to the gym later in life too? I wish I’d started going in my 20s but it was just never really on my radar. Don’t think I set foot in one until I was maybe 35. I also got really into the classes. I was often the oldest and the only bloke in there, but eventually started making mates too. Well, not mates but people I said ‘hi’ too when I see them in Sainsburys or the local pub whatever.

Booze still my achilles heel. I usually head to the gym once child is in bed, so usually around 8. Not ideal but its the only time that suits. Once I’m back, my instinct is to crack a beer open. Especially if it’s a Friday night. Drydrinker has proven handy, but it’s expensive.


I’ve dipped in and out of various memberships but not really done it properly. I used to play a lot of football but not so much now so really needed to find something to do in the evenings during the week in particular.

I used to run a bit but being a #biglad was making that harder too.


nice one man :slightly_smiling_face:


Well done


Thanks all. Think this thread is a good idea and big help


I got sooooo close to my 11 stone target last week - 11st 0.2lb on Thursday morning. Then somehow got 11 st 1.4 on Friday (which I think was down to not enough toilet visits during the day because of appraisal anxiety). And then I always seem to put on a bit over the weekend, so I’m back to 11 st 4 again today. Back to the grind stone…


5th month: 4kg down. 19kg total. that’s the 3st mark :tada:

ngl getting pretty bored of not eating very much


that’s amazing japes


I think I said before that I seem to put weight on at the weekend then lose it over the course of the week. Happens every week - Monday morning I’m 11 stone 4/5/6 lb, but by Friday I never seem to have got down to less than 11 stone.

Yesterday morning the scales said 11st 0.2lb. I had a good day. I didn’t eat anything I shouldn’t, I did a the usual amount of exercise, I was really hoping that today was going to be the day I finally break through, and …

11st 0.2lb again. Bah.

I think I might live off celery and water for the weekend.


Had two people at work tell me I’m looking noticeably slimmer. Can’t wait to ruin it at christmas.


yep i was at a conference this week and had a number of friends/old colleagues say the same which was nice.

however being at the conference made it hard to eat well/do exercise. need to get back to the gym tonight


no one at all has told me i look slimmer

i think it’s cos i was slim for so long that the idea that previously i wasn’t slim seems odd

when i saw my sisters last weekend and told them i’d gone from belt loop 1 to belt loop 3 and showed them how much space that actually was around me they were very impressed tho :+1: