Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


I’ve been using diet whey straight after training to get protein and also it really helps with the hunger. I’m surprised how much my appetite has dropped and how I eat quite a lot less (and better) than before.

My weight has stayed about the same for the past couple of weeks because been ill and travelling with work. Back to the gym tonight for HIIT and boxing. Got my final weigh in next Saturday, and then I’m doing the 3 month challenge again in the new year.


I’m currently hobbling around having played football for the first time in a year at the weekend and tearing my groin. It’s getting better, but could see me out of action for a few weeks.

Which is annoying, as I’m meant to be running a 10 mile race on the 30th December, and the training was going pretty well.

That’ll teach me to play football again.


I try to have protein shakes after my workouts maybe 3 times a week but some times I just cannot satisfy my hunger at all. But then tbh, I am doing something every single day so I imagine I would be more hungry anyway?

That’s good you’ve stayed the same even when travelling and being ill. Your first session may be a bit hard but the second one always restores my faith in my fitness. You’d be surprised how fit you’re able to stay on short periods off. I used to freak out if I was ill for a week and be like OK BACK TO SQUARE ONE but it’s not like that at all.


Have basically been eating out for lunch and dinner for the last four months and drinking a lot of coke so I think that I have inevitably piled on an awful lot of pounds. Going to use the fact that I have no job to spend December at the gym. Going to set myself a target of doing a parkrun by either Christmas Day or New Years Day.


Running around 2 days a week on average at the moment, which is a significant improvement on most of the year. Planning on doing the Aberystwyth Park Run in a week or so and signed up for the London Landmarks Half next year with Mrs Z as motivation to get back to it more regularly.

Weight is slowly moving in the direction I want as well, although I suspect December may be a struggle on that front.


I honestly think joining a gym has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I spent years considering it, almost doing it and then getting put off by lack of confidence (what if i fall off the treadmill and everyone laughs at me!?) or just general laziness. However, a few months back I found a place that looked nice and took an off-peak membership so that I could go early in the morning when it’s quiet. I now get up really early every day, and I eat much better (inc. massively cutting down on alcohol) because I don’t want to wreck the good work done in the gym. Perhaps most importantly I actually genuinely enjoy going and the feeling afterwards puts me in a very good frame of mind. So much so in fact that I think I’m going to extend my membership and start going in the evenings sometimes too.

Really, for anyone who is considering it but is thinking it’s not for them, definitely give it a go (find a place that suits you and be sure to get an induction) as it’s something that’s really improved my life.


One of the ones near me have said no Xmas day run but NYD at 11.00.

Check your social media!


This might seem like a minor thing, but my next goal after just getting under 11 stone was to stay under 11 stone - I’ve had a couple of weeks where I’d be under 11 stone at the end of the week, then I’d eat a bit more over the weekend, or not exercise as much, or have a few more beers, then come Monday morning I’d be over 11 stone again, so I’d start again.

This morning though, 10 st 13.6lb, which probably means I was under 11 stone for the weekend, which makes it seven consecutive days now. I don’t seem to be losing much more weight, but that’s fine.


20lbs total loss now. would quite like to lose another pound this week to get to 1.5 stone loss and I have my gym challenge weigh-in on Saturday (along with after photos for before/after comparison which is cool/a bit scary)


Holy shit I’ve lost 29lb in 3 months. Body fat from 30 to 18%. 4.5 inches off my waist

Absolutely buzzing. Burrito for lunch!


That’s incredible, well done!


Great work!


great job man :muscle:

don’t want to be a dampener but

doesn’t sound right. are you sure you worked it out correctly? great work regardless


6th month: 3kg down. 22kg total.

keeping this up over christmas is going to be difficult :sweat:


I am wondering if the final weigh in (or first weigh) was accurate because my scales say 23lb lost but either way…


totally, sorry didn’t mean to be a dick. great result either way.

do you have a particular goal you’re aiming for or just want to keep it up?


Thought marathon training started in two weeks.

It doesn’t. Starts on monday.



Definitely not being a dick. The body fat measure is unreliable but the weight and inches broadly accurate. Not sure about my goal tbh. Want to get to about 14 stone which is healthy for my height and feel energetic and fit. Made a big step towards it and signed up for another 3 month challenge in jan


When/where is yours?


April 14th in Paris. Are you doing one as well?