Fitness and health living accountability thread (rolling)


10th March in Barcelona, aye. Gunna smash myself through winter and try to get under 3:20


Also that’s a long training plan? 18 weeks?


Nice! Good luck on 3:20! Think I’m aiming for 3:45 if all goes well.

Yeah it is, certainly longer than the last one I think. It seems more focused on ramping up mileage and keeping it there for a sustained few weeks rather than ramping up to a week before race day; think the longest single run in it is 16 miles. What’s yours like?


Can’t really stick to one religiously because of football commitments but will be mainly accumulating miles with a speed session once a week plus a parkrun most Saturdays. Will aim to do 22 or so as the longest run I think


That’s amazing! Well done!


That’s fair. I’m actually giving up playing my saturday football for this so understand! Getting to the place now where I’m preferring my running to football anyway so feels like a time to transition/accept I can’t hack it on the pitch anymore.

Nice, good luck with training.


Will have to knock Sundays on the head at some point to get runs in and for injury fears, but will be using Monday 5s as intervals basically, and jog the 4k to and from the pitches


Fair cop :+1:


Started getting into an okay routine of going to the gym by uni and have been going 2 or 3 times a week.

Would quite like to continue going over the winter break, but doubt I’ll both my arse to cycle/tube the 4 miles there much.


stopped gorging and started exercising again this week after 6 weeks of post-wedding cake and booze madness. Trying to keep to banana for breakfast, veg soup for lunch, afternoon fruit snacks and then whatever for dinner but in a reasonable portion. And then I’m trying to do various interval type exercises which make me feel a bit sick but that means they’re working. Gonna try not to go too mad this weekend and then do the same next week!

Dunno if I should get some scales


I’d personally say fuck the scales - I’ve lost 15 cm from my hips but my weight hasn’t budged a bit since I started weight training in summer


Yeah I’ve lost some weight but the biggest difference I’ve noticed is how I feel myself sitting down and how I look in the mirror and my strength lifting weights. Feeling better is better than the scales telling you