FITNESS GOALS (Rolling guilt thread)



It’s September, so we have three months before Christmas over-indulgence/inactivity that will destroy all hope of health. Therefore we can kind of try and desperately get our shit together by mid-December.

So: no specific ownness (the only in-joke i’ll bring over here i promise) on anyone to achieve anything, but what do you HOPE you will have achieved.

@balonz kick us off in the absence of Chris is Cool pls.


Keep running and riding my bike when the weather gets shit. Stay under 5 mins per km running and over 21kph cycling.


doable i reckon. i HATE running in shit weather so i will be trying to do this too.


Yeah. Know I’m not going to be going as often as I am now. Just want to keep my Base level up so I’m not starting from scratch in spring


I’m giving loose thought to joining a gym.


if you DID join it, what would you join it for?


To get a bit of exercise. Feel really unfit but think I need to join a gym to get me motivated.


Really wanna get back into swimming, but it’s such a faff with inconvenient times and all the hassle involved. Could do with shifting half a stone really, bit podgy in places compared to the snake I once was. Just need a kick up the arse really, every time I’m about to step-up a level I crash my bike or end up at A&E :head_bandage::joy:


i kind of double-downed with lack of motivation when i joined a gym because i had to make myself go to the gym then make myself do a full-length workout etc. i know some people who can only keep at it if they go to a gym but i’m weirdly better with a setup at home these days


Hockey season is just starting, so being able to play as many games and attend as many training sessions as possible is the target.

I’ve got a half marathon next weekend, and I’d like to do that in under 1h45m, and I have a 10mile run on the 27th December, so no slacking off for me during the festive period.

Looking forward to the cooler weather - running in the recent heat has not been pleasant.

Outside of those, it all depends on whether I get a place in the London or Brighton marathons. If I do, then I’ll need to up my swimming and maybe start cycling into work as my body can only take two, or at a push, three impact sports a week.


maybe as a separate goal work on balance and not crashing


Marckee you’re a powerhouse. I’m definitely looking forward to cooler weather for weight training.


For my own goals, i reckon i should in theory be able to manage by December:

a couple of between-3-and-4-mile runs a week.
being able to bench, row, curl and press 60kg comfortably in 3 sets of 10
Learn some more inventive skipping moves


Indoor activities are such a struggle for us guys with a thick covering of fur.

I tried going on a treadmill and a cross-trainer once - Urgh. I think I need to be moving through the air to stop me overheating.


So you’re saying I should make my spare room a gym?!


Yes! It changed my life! BELIEVE


Signed up to a 10 k in November - might be a bit hungover so not going for great times it or anything, but I’m only doing about 5ks at the moment so will be good to get back up to 10

Get down to 22.30 for my 5 km time

Finish my 6 week (ha) push ups and chin ups programs - totally stalling on push ups, can’t break past day 1 of week 4, chin ups are going well tho

Continue bouldering, no aims really tho

Continue swimming, no aims really just get a bit quicker

Start doing planks or whatever, I don’t do any core work at the moment



yep. cannot do treadmill running, get angry in minutes. and in the recent heat trying to start my runs with a steep hill has left me so lacking in motivation.

BUT i don’t want heavy rain either. just cool enough to wake me up in the mornings without being balls freezing.


those push up programs are irritating when you get stuck. when that happens i tend to redo the week before but with inclines, or diamonds, or essentially anything non-standard. then when i get back to the program regular a-line push-ups feel a lot less hassle to crack through


I get hot running in anything warmer than a blizzard, so I love winter.