Fitness Question...

I need to get fit in 2020. I’ve tried doing this in the past and always lose interest. I think the main reason is lack of variation. I sign up for a gym membership and it’s the same shit every day or other day.

What i want to do is think of 10-12 things i can do which i can rotate and hopefully maintain an interest in.

Let’s rule out team sports and the like. I’m sure they help people, but i’m starting from rock bottom so a boot camp, for example, or chucking boomerangs around the park with a load of vegans isn’t a goer for now.

Also need ro rule out massive Tory shit like Peloton and PT sessions because of €£$ and morals, etc.

So far i’ve got:

  • jogging/running (coach-to-5k, etc)
  • lane swimming
  • spinning class
  • dumbells/freeweights
  • general gym CV workout (x-trainer, rower, etc)

Please help…

hindu squats

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In September, I started the couch to 5k (on a treadmill when the weather was shite) for 3 days per week and lane swimming/walking plus this dumbbell workout the other 3

I tracked all my calories using myfitnesspal with a goal of losing 2 pounds per week. I had the seventh day as a treat day where I just ate what I wanted, usually having sunk loads of pints the night before. Although in that period, I’ve had 3 or 4 day periods where I didn’t worry about it, and 2 week periods where I didn’t have a treat day. Treat days are the key, as is not throwing in the towel if you happen to fall off the wagon for a week or so.

Also tracked all my dumbbell exercises on a spreadsheet. Sometimes you’re gonna be hungry, tired and pissed off, and sometimes you’re gonna feel incredible. Just part of the thing.


For me it’s a mix of running, gym and hiit workouts. And within those i try to mix it up. I’ll go for a run around the local park one time, next time run home from work, next time on a treadmill, etc. Some days at the gym i’ll do weights, others rowing, cycling, walking. Want to add swimming as well but havent as yet. Basically you’ll probably pack it in unless you find a way to make it enjoyable.


Not gonna help to be honest because you’ve already called me a Tory and questioned my morals in the OP, nice double whammy eh? Good luck.

Get a big dog that needs loads of walking.

If you were interested in team sports, have a look for that Man Vs Fat (football/ fitness training aimed at higher BMI people.)


I might finally get some hiking boots and get on that hike lifestyle. It always looks desirable. Seems like a sort of exercise treat so might be good for keeping things interesting.

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Don’t remember tagging anyone, but can only talk about my own situation and morals rather than anyone elses. Can’t justify splodging two grand on a bike when most of my family live in council houses, or £40 an hour on someone to encourage me to do sit-ups when my parents sre unemployed, like. Obviously didn’t set up the whole thread to have a pop at someone i didn’t know would respond, etc.

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I just bought some running shoes and some cheap shorts and t shirts then did the NHS BBC couch to 5K app and I definitely got fitter

Another vote for HIIT, most gyms include a free class for members. That kind of stop-start cardio is great for weight loss.

Alternating between some high intensity cardio and some lifting would be a good idea.

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Yeah but you’ve called using a PT Tory and then questioned the morals. Doesn’t matter whether you know I or anyone else specifically use one - people on here need to stop dragging people down - stuff like this makes me feel shit.


I’m sure i spend more on booze than you do on a personal trainer, and as such i’m sure some people who pay big money for that stuff aren’t dreadful. It’s not a circle i can square, tbh, but i’m not judging and haven’t called you out personally. Whatever people do to get in a bit of a better place is good, i guess, i just think it’s quite clearly explotative, consumerist, gig economy bollocks and that makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Yeah, i need to do this. There’s two within walking distance (Longford Park and Alexandra Park) and they’re hugely popular, my main issue is getting out of bed at 8am on a Saturday. Booze plays such a big part in that.

Do you have access to YouTube on your telly and the ability to shift the sofa/ coffee table etc to give yourself a bit of space (I clear about 3x3 metres but I’m guessing you’re taller than me with longer arm span and may need a bit more.)

If so I can recommend a variety of different things to do at home. I’d recommend 15 minute HIT workouts at first. There’s usually a counter in the corner of the screen counting down so you know you don’t have long before you can lie on the floor and cry. And of course you can just turn it off and make some toast if you get 5 mins in and it’s not grabbing you that day.
It’s easy, gets a wee bit addictive and doesn’t require specialist equipment and no need to drag yourself over the front door. Sometimes after doing a 15 mins hit I’ll feel so good I’ll want to do something else on top- there are lots of 5 minute abs type programmes on there too.

I love exercise once I’m doing it (and I need it for the sake of my health) but even so I severely struggle to get my arse into the gym or outside to run- I find this Tv thing works for me if I’m not getting into the gym. I don’t live alone so I tend to do this when I work from home on a Wednesday and when my bf and child go out for a bit.

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As for keeping it interesting I just listened to podcasts. Hardcore History will cover a huge amount of 30 minute blocks

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good thing about the gym is just sticking on any sport news channel with subtitles and just watching that.

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SoSweat is a good app for bodyweight HIIT sessions. I use it when travelling with work and/or unable to use the gym

You can get a bike for considerably less than £2k