Fitness Question...

Following the chat about how expensive personal trainers are, have you ever considered YouTube?

I got into Fitness Blender precisely because I couldn’t even really justify a gym membership financially let alone a PT

there’s a lot of body weight stuff in there (i.e. don’t need heaps of, or any, equipment, and a huge range of levels)

biggest challenge for me has been finding the discipline to exercise at home when 99.9% of the time I cba, would be easier if I had a garden or a garage or any space that’s not in my 1 bedroom flat

also if you get bored easily someone in the Gaming Thread mentioned how much fitter they’d gotten by doing VR fitness… don’t knock it til you’ve tried it eh

just wondering as I’ve never done it and am looking to do it once I’m more settled, but can you do a park run if you’ve never run 5k before? when I started couch to 5k last time round, I found week 2 difficult, and that was basically 2 minutes running and 2 walking alternated.

is it always in the mornings? I’m biologically programmed to not be functional before midday.

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I’ve found I’ve liked jogging more since I switched to listening to podcasts instead of music. Revelation!


My friend also said one called FIIT is good! I’m gonna start doing it soon on my wfh Friday as I can’t get to the gym so end up doing nothing til the gym on Sunday

Yeah but you’re done by 9:45 and you have THE WHOLE DAY to feel smug as fuck


might start a rival night time only park run

I always used to wish it was on a Sunday tbh as I like a lazy Saturday in bed.
I did Christmas Day park run and did it in about it 35 mins despite not properly running for months. Look up your local parkrun and click results to see the slowest person… usually about 50 mins or so.

Try it once and I guarantee you’ll like it! There’s some lovely characters at my one and also some little shits who race me at the end and laugh at me (ok that’s one 10 year old boy one time)


My gym membership includes classes, but I always lack the confidence to go to one mainly as they always seem so loud, so I just do cardio and weights in the gym with my headphones on ignoring everyone.

I might make it a new years resolution to try one. I wish I wasn’t so nervous about everything.

I’m definitely going to give Park run a go this year.


Ooh what ones do they have? I’m sure the gym go-ers of DiS would have tried them all to help you choose?

for me it was finding something which doesn’t feel like exercise.

I bought a £120 bike, joined my local cycling club (£15/year), and besides the maintenance costs (which are so much cheaper than a gym membership, especially if you learn stuff yourself) and getting a budget set of kit, I was set. for me, it feels like a super rewarding thing to do. I can use a bike solely for transport (commuting, shops, pub). I can use it to see my mates (social rides, probably to the pub). I can go on holiday with it, riding from my flat in London all the way to Luxembourg. I can find a nerdy long distance bit of the cycling community, and suddenly I find myself thinking riding 200km is totally normal. there are fuck tons of ways to enjoy cycling, which is just great. but for me, the key is that it doesn’t feel like a chore. it feels fun, and I get to eat shitloads of food all the time. so find the thing which doesn’t feel like a chore, and do it loads.


Really lucked out at my gym, the trainer’s really nice and encouraging and not at all drill instructorish.

They have quite a few classes which I think are free with my membership. Some are listed here, but I’ve no idea where to start.

As a starter, is there any way you can fit some exercise into your daily routine? I don’t know what you do for work but could you walk / cycle to work or go out on lunch breaks? My main issues with exercise stem from a lack of desire to exercise once I get home. I guess it depends if you’re looking to gain muscle or stamina or just feel a bit better.

Sounds great, tbh.

What’s the minimal gear i need, bike and kitwise? Where do i start, assuming i’ve only ever rode a mountain bike, etc…?

A million times this

For me it was about finding something that I felt I was getting better at rather than worse as I got older. I used to play football and run but as I got older I found myself with more and more physical issues after every game or run. Fucked knees. Fucked ankles. You name it. As I’ve got older and I’ve cycled more and more my stamina has gone up and my enjoyment of cycling has gone up as my pain and misery in weight bearing exercise has also increased.

I ride a “gravel bike” which means I can ride long distances but also go on trails and paths off road which has been great for my mental health as well as my physical health - the more time spent in nature the better I sleep at nights, sounds clichéd as hell but its true.

Another cycling thread smdh


One is called Freedom Pump which we have the same thing as my gym called Reppin’ :roll_eyes: and it’s really good cause you get a bar and it’s like one song that’s legs and they’ll be like “down for 2, up for 2” meaning beats of the music and there’s lots of blokes that do that one and you can just put more or less weight on depending how you’re feeling!
Circuits is also a good place to start cause it’ll be only short times at each station so not much to do before you move on.
I’d avoid the dancing ones unless you’re into that but that’s not my thing!

The total body and HIIT ones sound good though but I find them very hard but very addictive as that’s the style I like with gym classes. Insanity is…insanity so I’d avoid that one :joy:

Just give them all a go once and you might not like it but it’s only 30/45 mins and you might find one you really love! Definitely a good New Years reso to just try one!

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This is what pump will be like probably!