Fittingly Friday the 13th

Working from home today. So glad it’s Friday. Everything feels weird. Will look forward to new album releases.

All OK folks?

Also WFH, only I feel rough af. Flu, slept on the sofa with a quilt

It’s moving day. Giving kiddo brekkie then off to collect the can to become a white van man for the day. Really not keen in today. Just gotta power through and get it done.

Crank up KissFM, lean out the window a lot regardless of temperature and wear something slightly small with a cap. You’ll be fine.



Lousy Smarch weather!


GF is resisting all attempts to wake her so she’s going to be late for work.

I’m in for nine, fingers crossed we get sent home.

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Told 'er indoors that I’m not up for socialising with whatever stray she’s got coming round for dinner tonight and will instead be withdrawing from reality in my bedroom* instead.

Good and normal behaviour.

*playing fantasy RPGs


Wimbledon gets cancelled, Cliff Richard sings ‘Self-isolation, and jubilation’ live from the BBC Studio with Sue Barker


About to brave Lidl :grimacing:

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Had a dream that we went for a barbecue at SH and AWs house. They had lots of cats My friend Charlie came and fell asleep outside. Thanks for having us guys

Self-isolation day 1: ordered a delivery of craft beer. Priorities.

In other news Facebook has this morning reminded me that 11 years ago today I looked like this:


Ah wicked! I can’t wait to take my family on that.


Room for a brave one?

hey sticky et al

meant to be going away this weekend but that’s off now due to various family members illnesses and the coronavirus. so I have an unexpected free day and it’s looking nice out so I’ll head off on my bike away from everyone for some escapism shortly.


Kid’s school have scheduled INSET days today and Monday, so the theme today is going to be working around the needs of a small person. Going to get her and dog out the house for a big proper walk, be good for all of us. At least the weather is decent here this morning. Have good Fridays everyone

What is the point of today. Why am I on a bus going into work. Cba.


Unexpectedly without plans this weekend, so apart from a couple more phone interviews, I have arranged to meet a mate for a drink ‘after work’, which he has defined as 15:45

wish i cold just phone up and be like “look im gonna be doing fuck all anyway, can i just not bother?”


Think we want to come home because we’re worried about our families in England but the plan was to move in with my folks for a bit when we get back meaning we can’t self isolate and we don’t want to put our families under anymore risk so it looks like we’re staying for a bit longer.

That’s a horrible dilemma, I’m sorry. I reckon it’s def for the best staying away for now, unfortunately

Not at work today so staying in. Parents are off to the shops and to look at cars, I’m A bit worried but going to be cuddling the dog and watching drag race. Feel so much calmer knowing I don’t have to go on the tube.