Fittingly Friday the 13th

Think today might be the first day in months I’m not up against it somehow. So my colleague will probably realise this and urgently find me things to work on the fucking weirdo.

Last night I dreamed I was watching a movie adaptation of Halo directed by and starring Bill Bailey. It was shit. Cheers for that, brain.

Hope you’re all well.


I’m cycling in now until wfh starts in earnest. Lots of people coughing into the air on trains yesterday which I could do without tbh. Will be off for a ride or two over the weekend too as otherwise I’m gonna go stir crazy.

Wfh today as have a hospital appt later.

Brought my laptop and charger home with me yesterday in case of wfh scenario on Monday.

Got a bit plattered last night. Going to a thing tonight too which might cheer me up.

mmm, really fancy a platter now


forgot to put last night’s leftover pasta + beef in the fridge. still have it for lunch?

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Depends how cold your kitchen is. Mine is so cold it’s the same as the inside of the fridge anyway.

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Eating sausages two days past their Use-By.

  • Will be fine
  • Don’t do it

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Morning all!

I’m spending today marking exams and food shopping.

I’d originally been booked on a course about adolescence and depression but Wor Lass’s hospital stay made childcare potentially impossible so cancelled it.

someone’s left a pizza here

Just cook them really, really well (note - this advice is from someone who has diced with use by dates their entire life and not suffered any ill effects, but I’ve got a bit of an iron stomach so take with a pinch of salt)



Have no idea what I am doing anymore and would very much like to hide under my duvet for the next year or so. Unfortunately stress-triggered ibs means that I will at least have to leave that sanctuary for the bathroom. Also it is really cutting into the toilet paper stash*

Might listen to more Rozi Plain.

*stash is not of my own making.

Was going to go to Bath today, might get a big Domino’s order instead. Probably going to need a stuffee crust as an idotic treat.

By Jove! I needed a reason to crack open the fizz.


and some mustard :yum:

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How vajazzley was it?

Maybe a little fried cabbage and some new potatoes now I want sausages


wfh, the doctor recalled me to check my ear because the infection was so ‘extensive’ still can’t properly hear in that ear, also gonna ask them about my dodgy foot. last day before 2 weeks off

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Going to need to stock up on the bubbly from the sound of it.

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