Five guys a week

Adrian’s bought a cake :blush:

Oh shit they’re old


That ponytail is going to cost him.

How could he forget that guy is called says

“Dad, we absolutely cannot countenance you ever having to live with us, so you need to go into a home at the age of 60”

Gammon level is over 9000, they’re all so fucking at ends with the world. It’s changed around them and left them entitled and furious. Every single one of these cunts voted for Brexit.

Cheeseburger, lettuce, tomato, grilled mushrooms, ketchup, mayo, jalapeños. Regular fries (to myself), raspberry Sprite Zero from the machine.

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That platter looks good.

Fucking hell love this is not a good idea


Man forgets what talking is

Shouldn’t have revealed he didn’t understand chips anymore

surprised @laelfy isn’t ITT

this is her favourite programme

I have it on in the background but I’m DiStracted

May as well kick all the others out now

this is a rough watch tbh

I’m not sure she’s ready for someone else tbh

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Dunno why he was even there :joy: strange man anyway

Love the cute one with the twitch hope he wins

Susan feels really familiar to me. Feel like she’s someone I knows mum and I’ve met her.