Five times @zxcvbnm was a total n00b! (The turn DiS into Buzzfeed thread)


Go on then, do some stuff like Buzzfeed but for

Stuff like, “You won’t believe what Smee’s van looks like now!” or “Ten times Theo and Niki were totally #ModGoals

You have to actually make a list or whatever though so here you go:

  1. Hard as NAILS (examples)

  2. Gardening Thread

  3. A poll about meeting other Disers

  4. Brewdog! The evil that walks and brews!

  5. Just reading about when the Queen dies


mate you’d never get 5 or 10 or round numbers like that on buzzfeed. ##N00b


I’ve always been a solid backer of your posting Ant, but you’ve gone too far this time.


japes replied to this thread. you won’t believe what happened next!


disregard me and my existence


Dammit, I was SO ready



DiS is already buzzfeed



Is anyone being BRUTALLY TROLLED yet just by someone posting a witty retort?


I don’t feel like your first two examples are actually of him being a n00b. Or is that a reference to Buzzfeed too?


I’ll level with you Theo, there was absolutely no chance of me providing #ActualExamples here, I just thought of a premise and hoped everyone else would be able to provide the #content

It hasn’t worked…


ha ha

I’ve never BEEN a noob!


The lists don’t lie pal


During his mid-thirties and he had to choose between being a Roundhead and a Cavalier


6 @1101010 thread replies you NEED to read if you’re a little bit obsessed with sausage rolls (veggie):


So relatable!!!


You won’t believe the time @Antpocalypsenow rehashed a thread from the old boards!


Christ, I’m on a bad run for this sort of thing at the minute. Sorry everyone.


worth the resurrection for a post that should somehow be a perma-banner on every politics thread: