'Fix Rooms' planned for Glasgow



It’s a system that’s been used for some years in Europe, doesn’t seem to actually have a genuine effect on numbers of users or tackling the main issues behind the problem, poverty and alienation. Let’s be honest though neither does the current system.
But it does provide a safe area for using in a centre where you could possibly be directed towards information for further help etc, and ideally less using on the streets/public areas and less needles left laying around. Can’t help but feel it’s a bit of sweeping it all under the rug though. Out of sight, out of mind.
What do you think?


dunno. the main benefit highlighted by the BBC seems to be that they’ll be out of sight/out of mind. plus no more discarded needles.

do users have to supply their own heroin or does the centre ‘lay it on’ so to speak? also, are clean needles provided? couldn’t find anything about it?


I think the needles and other bits would be provided, they’re already free in most crises centres. But don’t think they’ll be supplying the drugs, no.


Do you think it’d be better if they supplied methadone? They’ll have trialled that already right?


Umm depends on a case by case basis, but generally no tbh. Obviously it helps some people but sometimes it’s a case of adding another problem on top, particularly if the use isn’t that protracted at the time. Hard to say.


Anyone been near Union Street/Argyle Street Lately? Fucking Hell it is depressing


no real opinion on this.

if it helps then fair enough. it’s not like we’re walking about through piles of used needles up here or anything though.


green seems like an odd choice, won’t it make it difficult to find their veins


bloody hell m8!


I remember reading an article by a man who had been through an experimental treatment programme. They provided the heroin too, but he had to go to a clinic and be injected by a nurse each day. Because he wasn’t having to scrape money together and get hold of the drugs, he suddenly had a lot of time on his hands and a totally different daily routine, and eventually he quit, because his addiction became a much smaller part of his life. I’ll try to dig up the article, but it was a couple of years ago.


spent too much time on here today


That bit by Glasgow station with the creepy underpass? Every time I see that tunnel I think “there is a place I don’t want to go at night”.

Walked up it in the day a couple of months ago because I got off at St Enoch and had a case with me, so seemed easier than walking up round the front of the station, and I even regretted that.


Aye right there. Horrendous. Family actually saw a guy injecting himself in the groin (trousers/pants full down) a few months ago around that area so happy for them to do it in a room somewhere rather than in full view.


I’m in my hometown for a week+. Sure I’ll see something like that too before the week is out, because the place never fails to both horrify and amaze at its skankiness.