Fixed Setlists

yeah i like what Radiohead are doing. fair play

the ridiculous thing about it is that now that they’re playing full-album shows for Fuzzy Logic and Radiator, it’s somehow less predictable

i think they’ve said before that they’ve never ever repeated the same setlist entirely

I can’t really believe that. I mean surely in the days of touring Pablo Honey they must have done a few lazy ‘same’ sets? :smiley:

I feel like Radiohead are fairly unusual there. Maybe it’s because there was that big period where they were ‘that Creep band’ and then that big period where Creep was the only song they weren’t going to play so people ended up going to a RH show accepting they probably wouldn’t play their only really big song but that you’d hear a lot of songs, all of them at a similar level. I think there are loads of bands like this (hey, Shellac and Fugazi say) but Radiohead are unusual in also being massive Stadium Monsters.

I remember seeing them at Victoria Park in 2008 when they played two dates. I saw them on the first night where they didn’t play a lot of the “hits” and at the end people were grumbling about it. Outside the tube were a dozen drunken lads singing/screaming the chorus to Karma Police… which they didn’t play! They did play Just though, which resulted in the cringiest mosh pit sort of thing I think I’ve ever seen.

For comparison:

Obviously if you were lucky and fortunate enough to go twice it would have been pretty great. Looking back over it and I quickly realise how much I want to see Radiohead again. Curse that band and its hold over these boards.

it shouldn’t be so unusual, can’t imagine how dispiriting it would get to play the same stuff night after night. i don’t even like listening to my favourite album more than once a few months.

I can’t recall which of those two I went to. I sort of recall them playing Just? I know guntrip also moaned about the badness of the moshpit for Just.

I’ll tell you, it was my favourite of theirs for a long time but the problem is they are old enough now that they play the Bends songs at their normal speed and so for a song like Just, which is a loud, nasty rock song at heart, it doesn’t really work. I have a feeling Blur started to be a bit too ‘on time’ also. It’s a shame. Listen to those live takes from Bends b-sides and Planet Telex is such a great song live played that way. But the speed on record is perfect too.

Does any of that make sense?

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It may not actually be unusual. I just assume that if you pay the big bucks to see U2, for example, then you’d pretty much get a setlist taken directly from their best-of. The Stones put out new albums (or did for a long period) but never really bothered to play anything off them live because people came to hear the hits.

I don’t know how dispiriting it is. I guess you either make peace with it or you go forward.

I’m a bit of a prick like that because I really DO like bands to play ‘the hits’ but a band like Radiohead have almost no individual ‘hits’ for me so any live set they do will be great. I saw Wire at ATP and it was really disappointing for me. I guess I should have checked up first as to their set style but it didn’t really have anything I knew of theirs in it. Would probably have been amazing if I never knew their stuff at all.

I guess it’s like playing the same role in the same play for weeks on end. You eventually enter autopilot mode.

I’ve often wondered if it’s a case of ‘haven’t repeated a set in years’ being mis-reported as ‘never repeated a set’, but either way, fairly impressive.

First time I saw them (Dublin 06) they did quite a few ‘hits’ so when I saw them there again in 08 I was quite happy to get the night full of random album tracks instead. Definitely ended up with the weaker of the two London 2012 nights though.

in The Clash Joe Strummer beat the shit out of Mick Jones once because Mick was sick of playing White Riot. think their days were numbered soon after that incident

they did stop playing it after that, so i guess Mick kind of won

saw them once in a tiny venue but somehow didn’t notice the lack of setlist. that’s impressive.

It’s quite a tough balance for the long running “alternative” acts I suppose. Sonic Youth at the My Bloody Valentine ATP were a bit disappointing for this. 12 tracks with 9 of those being off what was their latest album at the time.

On the one hand I really wanted to defend their decision to play so much off their recent material, but to play so much of it and to have so few of their “classics” at a festival they sort of co-headlined was really frustrating. Partly because that last album they did was one of their weaker ones post 2000. Kept thinking they were about to have a run of playing older tracks but it didn’t happen. Looking on Setlistfm it looks as though this was against the norm though.

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That album was their final one, though, right? I really enjoyed the album so I enjoyed that set. But yes, I wished they’d played a bit more recent material. Given the shit might already have been hitting the fan in the background I guess that might have been why the set was so full of The Eternal?

But crucially in the context of this, same sound set up throughout and no light show. No instrument changes either. Those must be the driving factors for lots of bands.

But doing it over years and years is pretty lame.

Yeah that was their last one and in the context of the break up it was good to hear a lot of it. At the time I was a little let down, but this was when they were my absolute favourite band so I had pretty high expectations. I think their sets in the year or so afterward were a bit more varied, but like you say who knows what the state of the band was like at the time. My guess - not good!

Stars Of The Lid do this. annoying.

[quote=“Otto, post:35, topic:7562”]
Sonic Youth at the My Bloody Valentine ATP were a bit disappointing for this. 12 tracks with 9 of those being off what was their latest album at the time.[/quote]
I was just scrolling down here to say that I always really admired Sonic Youth’s commitment to basing their sets around their most recent albums. With the obvious exception of the Daydream Nation playback tour I don’t think I ever saw them do more than 2 or 3 oldies at the a gig and the more recent shows (i.e. post Washing Machine!) almost always gave me a greater enthusiasm for those current albums after hearing them live.