FKA Twigs 2019

Gonna listen to the new album before deciding whether or not I would want to see her again.

Over £40 for the Brixton date made me wince though. Not used to paying those prices anymore.

Is it a tour or just Brixton? Can’t see any other dates!

Looks like a European Launch tour with just the one date in a handful of countries.

Good interview here




I thought Holy Terrain was quite good but not great, and I was maybe a little disappointed that was the follow up Cellophane, but this is really superb. Up there with her best.

Wife got us Brixton tickets for our anniversary. So excited. Reckon this will be AOTY too

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Gonna wait until the album drops before deciding whether or not to buy tickets for Brixton.

£40+ is a lot.

I thought this was out on Friday, but now I see it’s actually out 8th November :frowning:

Eh? I checked release dates (on CoS’s calendar) yesterday and it said Friday?

Looks like it’s been pushed back. FFS

The delay was announced when the most recent video came out I think

I am irked, was genuinely gonna be the highlight of a rather shitty week so far

Now it shares a release day with Ghosteen. That’s going to be a hell of a friday.

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imo best thing I’ve read on Pitchfork in some time -

Dead excited for the album to drop now :laughing:


Fuccccccckkkk I get the feeling that just fried a lot of Jimmy Fallon’s audiences’ minds.

Not sure why I thought the Brixton date would no sell out and I could make a call on getting tickets after the album gets released. Regretting that call now.

That was my plan, too.

Still, if the album lives up to expectation, I look forward to seeing her tour it next year. No biggie.

A few reviews starting to find their way online which is whetting my appetite even more.