FKA Twigs (Rolling)


Lovely stuff.

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Listened to LP1 for the first time in a while last week. Still sounds really good imo

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She’s great and that’s mesmerising

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I was expecting something like Figure 8 I was not expecting that. It really is quite beautiful.

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So excited she is back, and this song is beautiful.

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Wasn’t expecting something quite so tender! Caught me off guard this morning. Absolutely beautiful

She’s doing a wee tour in the next couple of months.

Still no news on the London venue for her date next month?

Cellophane is quite the surprise but I really like it.

This is a bit special

gonna have to listen again without the video because I was too zoned in.


Ally Pally ffs.

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Senor Ding Dong indeed

Well that’s disappointing…

no news was good news

It is a great debut album. Should have won the Mercury.

Not feeling the new single though.

It’s the new theatre space, not the main venue



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