Do you own any flags? LIke real life flags?

What do you do with them?

After a night out a couple of months ago I came home with all these little Canadian flags and pins. Used them to decorate the place for a while. The original intention was to pretend to be Canadian whenever we had guests over but to be cagey about discussing the details (despite all the flags and evident pride). By the time that happened I couldn’t be arsed though so chucked it all in the bin.

Sorry Canada.



i put them on the floor of my garden so i dont have to mow anymore


I own 1 (one) flag. It is a Devon flag and it has ‘PAFC RESURGAM’ written on it in marker pen. It really belongs to my friend. We used to put it up at football matches. Hope this helps.

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You have respected the format of the thread and answered it in a full and rich way.

It helps a lot, thank you.


I do not own a flag. I don’t recall a period where I have ever owned a flag. I have no current plans to become a flag owner.

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I think I do own a union flag somewhere that belonged to my great auntie lily

think she hung it out the window after the war or some royal visit or some other tory option

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Think my Dad brought me back a little Colorado one back from a work trip when I was younger. Never owned any other flag.

Got a RNLI pin badge that I guess is flag shaped.

Edit: I don’t know where the Colorado flag currently is.


I have an American flag badge that a waitress in a diner in Brooklyn insisted that I take and wear. I visited New York on one of the first planes to land after the flight ban was lifted - and pretty much every New Yorker was over the top in their welcome because they feared losing tourist revenue and were grateful I didn’t cancel my trip. I have only worn it once since then - along with a MAGA cap and a Trump rosette while dressed in redneck type clothing - for our work’s best halloween costume competition last October…


Planning on buying one of these soon.



Which country has the best flag?





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I had a Benfica flag as a kid that my sister brought back for me from Portugal, not sure why as neither she nor I have ever been interested in football. I enjoyed waving it around for a while then got bored of it, put it in a drawer and I’ve never seen it since.


I used to have a European flag which I took to gleneagles for the Ryder Cup four years ago. I probably threw it away shortly afterwards.

Thankfully, the subsequent years have not given me any need to show my support for the existence of the European Union, so I haven’t missed it.


I have quite the collection:
Pakistan flag
Warwickshire Bears cricket flag
Nizhny Novgorod city crest

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got a cuba flag from my cuban uncle



It basically looks like it was designed by a fan of Double Dragon.


What did you buy it for?