Has anyone watched this?

It has all the ingredients for me to absolutely hate it:

  • Pretty people in the sun pretending their life isn’t brilliant
  • Characters called Chip, London, Cooler and Topher
  • People who have ‘no money’ inexplicably affording quite a decadent lifestyle. Will have nowhere to stay for the night but go and drink in a bar
  • Will Arnett riding a tandem in boat shoes

But for some reason I find it quite watchable. Watched Season 1 ages ago, currently halfway through season 2.

It’s fine.


Wasn’t there already a thread?

I watched it, enjoyed it. In no small part thanks to Will Arnett and how much I just inherently like him. Also the episode with Kirstie Alley as Dennis’ mother was amazing.


I watched Season 1, it’s pretty shit and Will Arnett’s character is awful and learns nothing, but I did watch the whole series. No desire to watch season 2 though.


Couldn’t see one, sorry.

Yeah, I like him, even though everything points me not liking him. Must be the Arrested Development influence.


No worries, I couldn’t remember - I’m sure it’s been discussed but maybe it was within other threads!

That and Bojack - can’t hurt. Even enjoyed Mansome where him and Bateman are playing themselves but it comes across as them being Michael and GOB :smiley:


thought you meant that zooey des channel film about the cereal cafe

haven’t seen either


Haven’t seen that, will look it up.

At the moment I’m watching this and Ozark, which is very confusing for my Arrested Development conditioned mind.


It’s a documentary/tongue in cheek exploration on male grooming that I watched mainly for work at my old job.


Yeah watched it, and to echo part of the initial post, it was weirdly watchable. However it was also fucking terrible.

Some particularly terrible elements [SPOILERS WITHIN]:

  1. For a lengthy period we were meant to feel some sympathy for a drunk driver who killed someone.
  2. A man who make stools and is on free coffee terms with all the local baristas, and his bearded sommelier mate are presented as a couple of the victims in a gentrification storyline.
  3. So naff for the creator of the show (about 48) to be sexing all those 24 year old hotties.

That said, it looked so ruddy nice.


aren’t those all kind of the point though?

Especially the gentrification thing - doesn’t someone literally say something similar in that to him in Season 2? And McLovin in season one too? Maybe I’m misremembering though/giving it too much credit.


Yeah, I think it might have been in this thread:

or this one


now that we’re all in our thirties and fourties have any of you lot found that you’re living a life similar to the life they lived in coupling? I always thought my life would be like coupling but it’s nowhere near.


No thank you.


I watched some of season one but lost interest and found the episodes I watched a struggle. It’s weird as other shows with a similar ish plot premise of a guy in his 30s/40s getting through life I’ve liked (Love, Master of None) but can’t get into Flaked. I love Will Arnett generally and Bo Jack is possibly my favourite tv series of the last few years so I don’t get why I’m not into it.


I think you are right - someone does make that point, but in true Flaked style, they sort of clumsily try and pick through a “yeah, they are the problem, but they could also be the solution” type thing that just doesn’t work.


Finished it last night.

meh. Mostly unlikeable characters moaning about their life that’s much better than mine. Also that last episode was so obvious I could have written it myself, with more hilarious consequences.