Flaming Friday

:sunny::sunglasses: gonna be scorcher! Hotter than Ibiza!! :sunglasses::sunny:

Main plan is to get through the day and be home by 5 for a cool can cocktail
Also my sister who I haven’t seen for years has flown in from America last night so SQUEEEEE going to see her and the kids later

Plans, outfits, drinks??


:sunrise: :wave:

Working today. Need to clean the bathroom. Probably run in 10 minutes before it gets too hot.

Off out for tea tonight to some taco/burrito place which will be nice.

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And my outfit will be as little as possible



Hola! Impromptu day off here, and while it’s going to be hot (24 degrees), it’s also going to be windy as the dickens.

I’m about to walk the dogs, then go for a bike before the wind really gets up. Then I’m planning not one but two non-consecutive birdwatching visits. Thus I’ll be wearing lycra and also a shorts and tee-shirt affair.

Missus is out tonight and the kids are out as well, so I’ll get myself caught up on The Boys, only done 2 eps of S4.

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So very blood splattertastic, enjoy! The Boys that is.

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Oi oi. Been at work for a couple of hours now. Stunning morning again. 1.30 finish. That’s nice. Not in until 3 tomorrow, so yeah, nice.


And, for all its flaws, I presume an air conditioned work place??

The only summer perk. It’s beautiful


We’re off to a festival! A festival that we got tickets for almost three years ago.

As we’ll be camping for the weekend, the kids have decided that we’re doing Father’s Day today. The youngest has recently REALLY got into reading comics - something that I have wholeheartedly encouraged. For Father’s Day she’s drawn/written her own comic for me.

It’s amazing. My only misgiving is that in the story I’m a superhero called ‘Web Prowler’.


Morning all!

It’s a typical Glasgow summer here - heavy rain until the afternoon but still pretty warm.

I don’t need to leave the house until much later so I’ll be mooching around in shorts and a tshirt while I mark and drink coffee.

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Good morning friends

Lovely and sunny again. Bit breezy though.

Quick dog walk after breakfast.

Work later this morning.

Doing a barbecue this evening.

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Only plan is to get through today without getting heat stroke. And I’ve got a big important meeting at the hottest time of the day, so that’s good

:coconut: :bikini:

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Going into the office for the very last time

moving to our new office over the weekend

Grey jeans, white and blue checked shirt

sleeves rolled up above the elbow


Romanian rose tonight

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Plans - Peanut butter on toast for breakfast, my turn to do the school run, zoom free Friday, pub at lunchtime, sunset SUP

Outfit - Rip Curl tee shirt / rash vest, Quiksilver jeans shorts, 90s Diesel Mules

Drinks - coffee right now, iced coffee when the day heats up, pint in the sun at lunchtime, and then a can of beer on the SUP later while I watch the sun set

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Plans: work, buy mushrooms from Blue Whale :whale2:

Outfit: as summery as it gets. Long sleeve black top, blue not black jeans, nerdy little school shoes. Yes i am absolutely sweltering thanks

Drinks: got some pocket money for a chai when i get to work. No booze.

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Plan: WFG under a brolly, into town to see friends I haven’t seen since Feb 2020. (Pandemic, kids and house things getting in the way)

Outfit: T-shirt and Football Shorts for now get changed later

Drink: Water it’s only half 8

Meant to have been in the office half hour ago. Gonna have a hotel buffet breakfast, may as well be 2 hours late if I’m 1 hour late
Go into the office until 1ish, drive home then go to bed i think at 5pm. I’m so tired

Going into the fucking office, in shorts! :scream: last time I did this all my colleagues were like “wow shorts! You’ve never worn shorts, shorts!”

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