FLASH Film Club: Space Jam (Wednesday 8pm)

By popular demand while more concrete future film club plans take shape, @filmclubbers and any newcomers are welcome tomorrow to watch Space Jam together at 8pm tomorrow.

Please indicate below if you would like to be in for the live chat DM thread

  • Michael JordIN

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I have no idea what number we’re on.

If I’m around then sure, haven’t seen it since the 90s

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Forgot to tag this in the film club category would you mind sorting that @whiterussian sorry

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depends how we count them. last “official edition” was #35 but we’ve watched 40 films so far

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never seen space jam :open_mouth:

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I’ve never seen it either

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I’ve never seen it either :woman_shrugging:

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:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

The website is still up if anyone needs any information



hard to believe the internet ever caught on


watched it again sometime in the last 5 years or so, still holds up well enough

Lola was also a strong childhood cartoon crush for me, only behind Jessica Rabbit

This is beautiful

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I guess this is unofficial

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Wish we could get @zxcvbnm2 to join this but it’ll be a stupid time for him

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Probably won’t be able to join in but I do want to watch this again at some point, saw it in the cinema as a kid and I’ve probably only seen it like once ever since. Weird how it never really seems to be on TV.

i’ve been wanting to rewatch it ever since that chicago bulls netflix documentary came out

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Compare and contrast?

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