FLASH Film Club: Space Jam (Wednesday 8pm)

My main concern with this is I Believe I Can Fly being tainted. They should edit in someone else singing it.

Its only in the end credits IIRC so can easily be skipped.

Phew, my memory placed it in the actual film!

Yeah my memory was of it being played while Jordan makes his slow motion long distance slam dunk but last time I saw it I remember being surprised to find it wasn’t there

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I just asked my sister who I’m currently sharing a flat with if she wanted to join this, only I’d typed Face Jam instead so she was wondering if it was either a porno or a horror film or something :joy::joy::joy:

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By misassociation I’ve now got this stuck in my head


Bill Murray’s greatest role. Him and Devito make it. Jordan is rubbish.

It’s already tainted by stopping Blur’s Song 2 from getting to number 1, mate.

Still bitter after 23 years :smiley:

Also the reason I have never seen Space Jam (that and it was a film aimed at kids and I was 22) but I quite want to see it now after watching that incredible Jordan documentary. Might be able to get F into the idea as she also likes basketball a bit.

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me and my sibling when the film came out (I would’ve been about 5) were really hyped by the prospect of them possibly using this song and changing “Space maaaaan” to “Space Jaaaaaam”

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instinctively scrolled to the top of the thread to check the vote for what film we’ll be watching

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(it was space jam)


there was a cinema in dunoon??

Click the poll/let me know if you want in the live chat DM thread :+1:

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Anyone else want in the chat let me know by 8pm please :+1:

Yes please

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hey @ttf just realised you aren’t in the thread

we’ve pushed the start to 8:30 if you wanted to join

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held up better than expected

enjoyed that

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It’s called Song 2 for a reason pal

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All ready for the sequel next year?

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