Flash mobs


I don’t care if they’ve “been done” or you think they’re shit for shitcunts, I feel very strongly that I must participate in a flash mob before I die. I think it would make me a better person.


That’s odd, I think it would make you a considerably worse person!


Think you might have missed your chance @blueturtle




I’m normally all about each to their own but think I might draw the line at flash mobs


I usually defer to your street smarts but there’s something about them I really like.

It’s a better group activity than coordinated suicide bombings, for instance.


I mean, sure, if that’s your starting point for whether something is good or not I say get involved…


Do people even do these anymore? Swear they used to happen all the time, done 2 myself, you can borrow my brain for a bit if you want the memory


I fucking knew I could rely on you ducky. :heart:

Bit of joy in an otherwise dark and nihilistic age. No wonder Disers hate them :disappointed: