mrs just splashed out on one of these geezers:

it’s a bit fancy but it’s good as a thermos-esque situation.



you’ve been in my work too much :joy:


Can’t show you my mug because it’s covered in company branding, but: imagine a mug covered in company branding.


Got one of these for Christmas, in black:


Did a lot of research but, then realised I didn’t care enough so just ended up with


what the heck is a chilly’s bottle


I use a Klean Kanteen to take coffee to work

In like the fact it fits in a bike bottle cage - but I have yet to make use of this feature

I also like the fact it does not leak - unless you don’t close the spout properly, then it leaks all over you and your bag when you bend over with the bag on your back


Ooh i thought it meant like sauce from a chipotle or something. this is the same thing. is this now a mega trend?


i had no idea either!


you’ve been marckeed


It was, up to new year, but if you buy one now you’re a sad victim.


my wife is going to be proper annoyed.


Question: why does that bottle cost the equivalent of six London toasts?


this is what I imagine the hulk’s member looks like


can YOU keep drinks hot or cold?


We got a couple of those chilly style ones but they cost £6 a pop and not £25.


I assumed that you started this thread because you saw ruffers post in the other one.


I think I just live in his subconscious now


no it’s coz there’s now as of yday one on her bedside table. i didn’t know chilly’s was a variant (inferior) brand of Swell you see


Usually drink them while they’re still more or less at their desired temperature, tbf.