Flat Earth


oh shit now i’ll be thinking about this next time i fly

better road networks on flat earth pls


As long as you stay away from crossing any oceans, you’ll probably stay within gliding distance of an airport tbf.

And obviously don’t fly over the edge…


according to this giant yellow arrows helpfully point out where to land if you lose engines

and that giant glass dome prevents us falling into space


Apparently North and South America aren’t connected and most of Asia-Pacific, except for Australia, doesn’t exist. Good to see they remembered Madagascar though, the pricks.


Apologies if this has been covered but do those flat earth lads think only the earth is flat? Seems a bit limiting to call yourself a flat earther innit.


Yes, they accept other planets are spherical cos we can see them. It’s only Earth that’s flat cos it looks flat from where they’re standing.


Fucking hell :grinning: For real?


Uh-huh. From what I remember anyway.