Flat Earth

The tears are for the realisation that the Sun is actually 40 miles across and really close. The numbers add up.


Just had the first flat earth comment on my work youtube channel :,)


Just watched the documentary. It was quite something.


I watched it the other day too

Loved the paranoid cranky guy who had his bored looking girlfriend in the background of all his videos


Feel like the whole flat earth thing is overshadowing other equally daft ideas. Wonder if some it’s followers will eventually defect to hollow earth or expanding earth movements. There’s loads of ridiculous ideas that these idiots could ressurect

Might start a What Earth movement. And say the Flat Earth lot are idiots for believing there is an earth at all.

Flat Earther: Earth is flat
Me: What Earth?
Flat Earther: This one we are stood on now?
Me: Nah. So gullible.


It was Mars all along!

Think you’ll find Mars was invented by the lizard people actually.

The royals?

Or Not Earth. Just denying we’re on Earth altogether. (And promoting my band too.)


Bumping this because I watched Behind the Curve from my sick bed at the end of last week.

Thought this was a fascinating and very humane documentary. Really drove home how the belief has become tied up with people’s sense of identity and community and that to abandon it would be to leave them bereft.

A little worrying that at one point a delegate at the convention described it as being a fight between good and evil though.

An interesting companion piece is the You Are Not So Smart podcast episode with the same title. https://player.fm/series/youarenotsosmart/ep-151-behind-the-curve

Classic, in yor moment of sickness you turn to flat earthism and repent yor globe head ways, and what happened you recovered! That’s all the evidence I need.


Come to think of it, does it feel like the earth is spinning at a thousand miles per hour?

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