Flat Packs



what was the last piece of furniture you built

i built a shelving unit about two months ago. still standing.


A table


You should treat yourself to a sit-down then.




I built a bookshelf and a chest of drawers over a few nights this week. Pain in the arse/back/knees.


Billy bookcase, a couple of weeks ago.

I love building flat packs. So satisfying. Like giant Lego.


Last thing we built at ours were a couple of £39 wardrobes from Ikea in November 2015. Had got rid of the old wardrobes we had because they were too big and it was a bit of a 'if it lasts a few months, it’ll do the job" purchase. Still standing solid.

Last flat-pack we did was probably the chests of drawers in the sister-in-law’s flat back in June.


I love it when you’ve got 4 or 5 things to build. The first one is a bit of a loosener but then you fly through the others like a pro.


two wine racks, then I bolted them together and have (semi)secured them to the wall.


It was kinda the same when I was putting our blinds up. The first few took me a while to do as I was figuring out the most efficient technique. By the time I’d done a dozen, I was flying through it in half an hour.




oh theo