Flattening the perv - it’s the Thursday filth thread

Does getting up in the night to eat leftover shepherds pie from the fridge count?


I dunno. How many steps were involved?

At least 3.


I would say no. Unless your strides are HUGE.

The real question here is how come your fridge is so close to your bed?

Not really advisable when you have boobs


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Ah, hadn’t thought of that. I guess the equivalent would be exercising in some sort of sports bra or something.

I have a random fantasy person at the moment, someone I know but have only met once years ago. Don’t even fancy him but settled on him anyway, because as mentioned before I cant fantasise without thinking about real consequences (like “what about his girlfriend or the fact he lives 100 miles away”). Pathetic. Anyway chose this guy as I dont know enough about him to get embroiled in all that. Everytime I’ve thought about him the next day he’s liked one of my posts on Facebook or Instagram, but never when I haven’t. Also, for the record I knew him for like 5 years without ever fantasizing about him and in that time he never interacted with me online, only after my first fantasy.

Weird that innit.


Actually the opposite to this also happened. Sort of.

I guy I know who’s been in a relationship for years and has kids and seems really happy, well, I used to fancy him loads (I don’t at all now). Only ever spoke to him years back when I was drunk, never online. For some reason I replied to one of his insta stories for the first time and liked some things, only after I’d done this did I notice that one of the likes I’d had the previous week on this casual sex app thing I have was actually from him but I hadn’t recognised him from the picture he chose or expected to see him as I didn’t know he was single again.

So anyway, maybe we do always know deep down when people are wanking over us.

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not unless shagging counts as exercise…in which case still no.

Blimey I hope not



Anonymous poll

Generally speaking:

  • I would be intrigued to know if I was the object of someone’s masturbation fantasy
  • I would rather not know if I was the object of someone’s masturbation fantasy

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That’s… Just… How is he clipping in?


Ha! My road rash is in exactly the same place as his, but the opposite side of my body. Don’t worry, I won’t prove it with a nudie bike photo

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Very small house

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Anon poll

I have previously/still do fantasise(d) about at least on DiSer

  • Ugh - that’s awful
  • Well duh, obvs

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I’m naked right now :woman_shrugging:

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