Flavoured hummus



Where do we all stand on this? You know, basil and tomato or piri piri or jalapeno flavoured hummus. I noticed some of the flavours are getting more ‘adventurous’, like barbecue ffs

  • It’s fine and quite nice
  • Very bad thing

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red pepper here.


I made some hummus on Saturday. It was too runny (too much lemon juice, I think)


I’m somewhere between knowing it’s a travesty and wanting to shove it into my own face at all times.


by far the worst is caramelised onion

sabra classic is probably the best standard supermarket humous


I have mint and asparagus hummus in my bagel today.


Prefer taramasalata. Humus is a bit like eating wallpaper paste


You can have all of the flavoured houmous in the world but none of it is as good as the original. None. It’s perfect.

I mean some of them are very nice indeed don’t get me wrong but nothing beats the conventional stuff for me.


But like, if it’s there…


I bloody love hummus.


Oh yeah I’ll still throw it down like it’s going out of business, don’t get me wrong. My wife’ll do this she’ll come home like “oh I’ve just picked up a pot of this new houmous with beetroot, sprouts and lamb’s tears in it” and I’ll eat it, I’ll eat all of it, but wishing she’d just bought some Adelphi stuff from the shop on the corner for 89p instead.


moroccan hummus for me!

Though, there is something a wee bit fusty about it.

To be honest, I haven’t had just normal hummus for yonks. It’s just… a bit… boring :grimacing:


^this. Think I massively over-indulged in it and now I’m a bit ASCII shrug about it all. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got another pot of clotted cream to eat.


The sort of people that are saying it’s ok - probably also like stuff like baked bean pizzas (a real thing that I have seen). You’re fucking sick.


See THIS I have a problem with. People using houmous in sandwiches.
Dunno why but it is weird.


Team caramelised onion represent




I remember Heinz did baked bean pizzas in the 90s.


Agreed. I don’t think I’d have hummus in a sandwich either.


Politely disagree: it’s really nice in sandwiches.