Fleabag Series 2

Anyone watch the first episode last night? Thought it was brilliant, sharp dialogue and great acting. Will probably rewatch before next week.

Some good quotes too;

”Putting pine nuts on a salad doesn’t make you an adult” “fuckin’ does”


Ooh! I forgot that was coming back, ergo, no, I have not yet seen it. However, I do look forward to catching up with the episode. Glad it was enjoyable

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I loved it. Definitely will have to watch again for Olivia Coleman. Missed her subtle eye acting while I was concentrating on the dialogue.

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Thought it was genuinely one of the strongest opening episodes to a returning series ever. Sat there mesmerised and was gutted when I realised it’s only 30 minutes long and not an hour.


I had that feeling at the end of every episode of the first series.


When was this on? Can’t believe the Beeb aren’t prime-timing it this time round.

Amazing episode

10:35 on BBC 1 Mondays

Annoyed I can’t binge it though

New episode on the iplayer every Monday at 10am, then on BBC1 that evening.

Good start to the series huh

I really fancy Claire

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Superb episode. I think it is the best episode of ‘Fleabag’ so far. There was so much going on around that table.

Well this was great. If I was a tv reviewer I’d be busting out adjectives like “audacious” and “peerless” and then some stuff about how it felt like a film, but thankfully I’m not a tv reviewer so I won’t be doing that

It looked incredible I thought. The lighting, the setting, the details. Felt like a high end Hollywood production.

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Absolutely bloody loved this. Need to find series 1 online and watch it again (when I watched it I ws off on mat leave and cluster-feeding a baby and not sleeping so it’s like a hazy memory. I want to really refresh my head on it before next week’s episode.)
And the priest was hot.

All of Series 1 is on iPlayer

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Fabulous. Cheers.

And the priest is Andrew Scott, innit?

Yes. Dreamy and brilliant.

(although looked disturbingly from some angles like Declan Donnelly in that episode.)

Watched this last night. Finished and watched it immediately again afterwards. Amazing TV…

Favourite throwaway laugh:

Claire: This sauce is disgusting.
Waitress: Is everything alright?
Claire: Mmm, delicious!