Fleabag Series 2

Olivia Coleman is the greatest gift this planet has ever had


This was one of the best episodes of anything I’ve ever seen btw


I love OC, but I think PW-B gives her a good run for her money.

SO much talent in that show.


Also found it interesting how they dealt with a very sensitive subject

TW miscarriage

We don’t talk enough about miscarriage. I thought this was beautifully done. ‘Get your hands off my miscarriage – it’s mine’. Triggering I am sure for many of us. I was in tears but smiling through at this bit. Amazingly, sensitively handled.


It really was amazing. Did Fleabag say anything until the Miscarriage bit at the table? Hope Martin gets his comeuppance and also pretty convinced Claire is having an affar in Sweden. Oh and Hugh Dennis makes another appearance at some point.


Yes, several things, including the bit about pinenuts on salad, and questioning whether the priest was actually a priest.

Should have hedged my bets with Scandinavia.

Watched this AGAIN last night. Will probably just keep re-watching until I ruin it for myself :sunglasses:

Episode 2 doesn’t quite hit the heights of episode 1, but it was still great. Liked the scene with the therapist.


Went to bed early last night as I wasn’t feeling well, but STOKED about catching up with this tonight. I’ve already watched ep1 three times.

Ah just watched episodes 2 and 3. Absolutely brilliant, rarely do I care about tv charachters but this totally suckers me in.

Interesting they’re starting to reference the 4th wall breaking too (directly when talking about how she has “lots of friends” who are “always watching” to the therapist then again when the priest picks up on her mugging to the camera) Maybe it’s looking for a way to stop using this device in future series?

travel wanker
Finns don’t consider themselves Scandinavians, at least a lot of them told me this.

(Yay Fleabag btw)

such a brilliant, clever show yet it was the lift fart that did me most


It was the wholly inevitable/signposted award smash for me…

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was convinced the replacement was gonna be a golf trophy or a world’s best dad award ribbon or something, so for it to be the statue from s1 was a nice surprise

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Kristin Scott Thomas!


Brilliant episode, but did anyone else get unreasonably annoyed at the continuity error with her hair in the bar scene??

That and the person that lost saying “For fuck’s sake” both did me in.


Giggling here in the office just thinking about that bit. Gonna re-watch the episode this evening…