Fleet Foxes

Enjoyable gig at Brixton last night, the sound mix was a little cacophonous for the first few songs but the levels balanced out nicely. I hadn’t realised previously that Robin Pecknold wrote all the songs, I thought it was a bit more of a democracy, it felt a lot more like the Robin Pecknold and band then I was expecting. The two solo numbers were ace.

Crowd was noticeably full of people who don’t go to gigs very often, some poor etiquette from people who should know better. A guy next to me who was escorting his wife just looked at facebook with full brightness the whole show, and there were a few older guys who’d gotten very drunk.

Noticed this at the show I saw in Cork as well. People who definitely only heard the first album and that was the limit of their interest.

Really liked the gig I saw. Would love to see them again.

Oh that’s interesting, I felt exactly the same about the Berlin show. The mics seems super boomy AND compressed/their voices didn’t seem to quite carry the same as before? But yeah the general mix was a total mess the first few songs

I was at the gig as well last night. Really enjoyed it although something about a few of the songs off the new album didn’t click for me, I’m not sure why.

I was surrounded by a few mugs as well. One person nattered on during one of the solo ballads, saying “Music is really weird isn’t it?” SHUT UP.

Another person took offence at being to told to be a bit quiet while singing during one of the songs (may have been a quieter song, I’m not sure as I didn’t actually hear it happen) and then proceeded to be a twat about it for the rest of the gig.

Should also add to my earlier post, also had an odd crowd at Berlin show who in places were acting particularly weird

New album is coming out this Tuesday.



Kept that one quiet :grinning:

Out of all the bands I loved when I was a teenager, Fleet Foxes are one of only two or three that I still listen to on a semi-regular basis.

Very excited for this new one.

Exciting news! Crack Up was the first album of theirs I’ve really loved. I remember at the time that Pecknold said their next album would be a sunnier, perhaps even poppier affair - although I guess that was some time ago now.


I think this is released 13:31 UTC today for the equinox?

Will be an accompanying film:

Just listening to Crack-up for the first time in ages and it’s just gorgeous.

Really looking forward to this new album.

Very excited about this! Can’t get more autumnal than these guys :fallen_leaf:

Also that album cover is absolutely gorgeous


I also have it on right now because I knew they had a new album imminent but forgot it was actually today

Yep, 25 minutes to go!

So ready for this. Opened all the windows so it’s cool enough to wear a cardigan


it’s up on spotify

Lovely so far, quite poppy. Perfect day for it.

this is sounding really great

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Limited signed LP.
February 2021 though

Really enjoying this, although I wish the day was more autumnal.

Quite enjoying watching the film – it’s nice to have an album release feel like a bit of an event again.

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Having a listen on bandcamp, quite nice so far

I wasn’t sure about the mention of a poppier album as I enjoyed their increasing weirdness on Crack-Up, but this is sounding strong so far so I’ll take it

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