Fleetwood Mac - Mirage

I listened to it recently after noticing Pitchfork gave the Deluxe Edition a good review.

I’m surprised by how good it is. I always thought Tusk was meant to be their last good album (which I haven’t really listened to).

It’s decent, but then again I’d say their last good album was Tango In The Night.


*The Best of Fleetwood Mac

(Actually I only have Rumours and noted again the other day how awful Oh Daddy is.)

I like to pretend it isn’t on there at all, utter stinker on an otherwise great record.

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Tusk is great!

I’ve found Rumours a bit meh in places but it could be Seinfeld effect. First track off Mirage was sweet, not heard the rest. Should really listen to the rest of their stuff

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Sounds alright to me (except the lyrics are a pile of shit, right?)

I usually skip the 1st and 3rd tracks. It would be a godly album if it wasn’t for those. ‘You Make Loving Fun’ is where music peaked.