Fleetwood Mac - Mirage


I listened to it recently after noticing Pitchfork gave the Deluxe Edition a good review.

I’m surprised by how good it is. I always thought Tusk was meant to be their last good album (which I haven’t really listened to).


It’s decent, but then again I’d say their last good album was Tango In The Night.


*The Best of Fleetwood Mac

(Actually I only have Rumours and noted again the other day how awful Oh Daddy is.)


I like to pretend it isn’t on there at all, utter stinker on an otherwise great record.


Tusk is great!

I’ve found Rumours a bit meh in places but it could be Seinfeld effect. First track off Mirage was sweet, not heard the rest. Should really listen to the rest of their stuff


Sounds alright to me (except the lyrics are a pile of shit, right?)

I usually skip the 1st and 3rd tracks. It would be a godly album if it wasn’t for those. ‘You Make Loving Fun’ is where music peaked.