flexible working

this sentence was a wild ride

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Yeah it’s very much about my work load so I meant that when I have to do that 3 or 4 days running I’m a zombie but mostly it’s only 2 days in a row.

in normal times I have a lot of contractual flexibility as it is but act as if I can do what i want anyway and take more flexibility than i’m entitled to. i get results* so no-one cares.
*don’t cause anyone any problems.
Supposed to start work between 8 and 10, take at least 30 mins for lunch between 12 and 2 and finish between 4 and 6, and then within those rules I just have to work a given number of hours over the course of the month. On top of that I can also carry over +/- 7 hours from one month to the next.
But to be honest I just ignore that and do my job as I want.

This is fascinating isn’t it.

In lockdown, all of that is out the window. I do what I can when I can, all over the fookin place

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Desperately wanted to go back to a structured office environment because flexible home working is just not for me. Found that job and then lost it just before starting because of covid - now in another home based job and devastated by the prospect of WFH indefinitely. Core hours are 10-4 - haven’t sussed our yet whether I’ll have to stick to a set pattern eg 10-6 every day or if I can make it up as I go along.

In my last job I probably took the piss a bit with not sticking to 9-5 as I was travelling and working late so much I figured I could monitor my own hours. No one ever commented…


I am allowed to call out 4 times a year. Otherwise 7:30 to 6, 4 days a week on the days they tell me to work.

A lot of It hours stuff is fairly arbitrary and I think managers recognise this: you’re paid to be available within set hours more than an expectation that you can find work to do in all those hours.

Obviously this is where the WFH bleed comes in, at least for me, because when that email pops up at 10pm you know you weren’t worked off you feet today so you boot up and deal with it or at least start in on it…

In any case, for this reason I no longer feel guilty about my hours as long as I have produced work that’s needed.

I’ve found if you don’t draw attention to yourself and get on with your work no-one cares what time you work, even if there’s set hours officially.

Give a little, get a little back, be sensible.

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Could you come and be my manager please?

My manager has this attitude and is in the process of retiring and I really can’t face someone who needs me to be locked to a desk in order to look like I’m working.

Sure. When do I start.

I can do my job from anywhere as long as I have wifi, so yeah, pretty flexible.

love flexi and don’t think i could go back to working set hours now

started at 10:20 today cos i couldn’t be fucked

Civil Servant. Full flexi - can start when I want, build hours or leave early, depending on how I feel, on a daily basis and can carry forward +/- 22 hours each four week period. There are limits on the amount of flexi days you can actually take off, but it’s still very generous.

It massively adds to my quality of life. It’s the kind of arrangement that, if I didn’t have, I’d be willing to take a pay cut for (not that that should ever be how it works!).

I’m probably way more productive than if I was working a strict 9-5 too, I’d imagine.

Not sure - she’s pretty much on gardening leave at the moment.

I’ll send you the Zoom link and we’ll get your feet under the table.