Flight delays


Flight to Berlin this morning has been delayed by 9 hours, fairly frustrating. Only 8 hours left to go…

Didn’t find out until we were already through security so stuck in the departure lounge. Burnt through half our refreshment vouchers (£12 each, could be worse) and just filling in the compensation form - €250pp plus a refund of the flight cost. Trying to work out if it’s worth it. Suppose it basically makes the whole trip free so yes?

What’s your worst flight delay been, any horror stories? Also anyone been through the compensation claim process before and have any tips? Seem to be a lot of companies that’ll do it for you for a small fee but the forms seem fairly simple.


WTF? from Manchester? Me too!


This is awesome. Competition: find the DiSer. Who can identify the other DiSer in the departure lounge first?


I’m gonna go for a walk and see if I can find them. Gotta catch em all


Oh! Yeah man - shit isn’t it! Currently sitting outside the REDACTED while the TV has a nap. Wondering what time to start drinking…


I regret using a real picture of me now for my profile…changing it!


And you’ve given your location away!

m_w_t has this in the bag


God bless the new DiS and the edit function.


Too easy, you had a bottle of blue drink haha


And a book on your wheelie case thing


Game’s not over yet. suapth still has to find m_t_t.

Once that’s happened you can have a right old laugh for 30 seconds, and engage in 2 minutes of banter before the awkwardness kicks in and the realisation that you’ve got another 8 hours of stilted conversation to get through before you can board your flight.


Ha fuck I’ve been spotted!


Oh god what if we’re sat next to each other on the flight…

Then stopping in the same place :open_mouth:


this post is shit. edit


I was keeping my eyes peeled as people walked by…time to go on a hunt.


No idea how I’ll explain that one to my girlfriend…


might as well have a civil ceremony and be done with it.


is @jordan_229 also on this flight or is he telling porkies?




I made it up. Just wanted to fit in