Flight etiquette

So I was reading this.

Apparently cabin crew don’t like people taking their shoes off, and then going to the toilets barefooted. Personally, I like sticking some flight socks on and then if I need to go to the loo I won’t bother sticking my shoes back on.

I fly so infrequently that I’m probably a massive pain in the arse to everyone involved

I loosen my shoelaces pre-flight so I can easily slip my shoes on and off.

I have never taken my shoes off on a flight. If I did I certainly wouldn’t be going to the toilet to wade in the piss in my socks.


If you’re in a public place, shoes should always be on. A plane is no different.


The beach? Swimming pool?


Yep. Shoes on at all times.


Thank you for your prompt clarification.


Shoes off but definitely socks on for any flight long enough for you to have a personal TV screen in the seat in front of you.


Sandals from the beginning - as soon as you get to the airport, shoes off, socks off, sandals on. Feet are still clean and unstinky, and they stay that way thanks to the cooling power of sandals. It’s a win-win scenario.

(Also I know a few flight attendants and their jobs are pretty shit at the moment, so do right by them if at all possible).

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I strip down to my underwear as soon as the seatbelt light is off


I used to fly quite a lot, mostly UK domestic and then US domestic. I got used to the “way” to fly, and then was fine. Keep my self to my self, etc. But now, with kids, you’re just at the mercy of the gods really. We’ve flown long haul with both my daughters young (aged 4 months, and the second aged 7 months), and when my eldest was 3 years old, and the experience was so varied as to make it impossible.

That being said, the attendant every single time (bar flying with EasyJet, who decided it was a GREAT idea to split my wife, my daughter (lap passenger) and I up on a flight, the feckless dipshits) have been great.

I have posted this before, but the worst flight of my life was flying back to the US after my grandfather’s funeral. A potent mix of

  • Grief and sadness
  • The Celtic supporters club
  • Going to Las Vegas
  • And properly pished
  • Drinking all the booze on the flight
  • One passenger having a series of epileptic fits
  • Being told to “remain calm” and “remain seated”
  • and being “square goed” when we wouldn’t get up because
  • He needed a shit really badly


Been upgraded on the past 5/8 flights ive been on. (4 economy > premium economy, 1 economy > business(!!!)) Not sure what im doing right, but im happy for this to continue.

I wear my Birkenstocks on the plane which is a total treat when I also put my DVT socks on before we board and then wander about in socks and Birkenstocks

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Did you pre book your seats and then they split you up?

Cause if you didn’t pre book, that’s your fault buddy

Shoes on longhaul flight

  • Aff
  • Oan

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You think? We booked as two adults and a lap-child. It’s insane to split that group up.

EDIT: I don’t disagree that we should’ve pre-booked, but splitting a group up that is carrying a toddler seems like the antithesis of why booking a child as a lap as a couple makes sense.

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BUT you didn’t pre book your seats

Buying a easy jet or Ryan air ticket guarantees you’ll be split up. Everyone knows this.

The child only needs to sit on one of your laps.

We’ve flown interntioanlly long-haul as a group and they’ve not split us up, for obvious reasons. I assumed (obviously, incorrectly) that they wouldn’t split a family group up with a lap child. Wrongly, as it turned out, 'cause they’re cunts.