Flight etiquette

Yeah they don’t consider people to be “together” essentially on bookings. It’s the way they operate and I’m always shocked people moan about it??



It’s quite easy to be shocked by something that isn’t pointed out as obvious when it goes against the grain :smiley: haha.

I don’t remember in the booking them shining a light on the fact they could/would split the group up - they will have certainly pointed out that the seats could be booked, but splitting us up was… quite shocking and tainted the holiday.

I’m not arguing that we shouldn’t have booked (we should have done) but to split up a group with a kid on the lap is an very unfamily-friendly business practice.

For the record, on the way out they didn’t split us up.

So this is interesting… http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/airline-seats-caa-ryanair-easyjet-british-airways-seating-allocations-splitting-middle-seats-a8193431.html

Just to add to this, this is the key point - “Our research shows that some consumers are paying to sit together when, in fact, they might not need to.” As in, families are paying to be kept together when there is no real reason to pay other than them actively splitting passengers up. If you get what I mean.

Keep bike helmets on


Shoes off is fine as long as your feet aren’t humming. Don’t know why anyone in their right mind would go to the toilet without footwear though

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No but really, what are you doing.

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any celebrities you could be being mistaken for @doubleespresso?

I usually take my shoes off on long haul flights, but if I was going to get up I’d pop them back on.

On a flight from New York to London I took my shoes off asap and then fell asleep pretty much straight after, didn’t wake up til just before landing. my feet swelled up loads due to not moving about and stuff, couldn’t actually fit into my shoes so had to wait a while for them to go back to normal :confused:

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Usually wear comfy trainers and keep them on. If I’ve gone somewhere hot though will wear Birkenstocks on the flight back so I can take them off at will (will put them on for toilet trips, obviously). It does mean you’ll have cold feet at Gatwick or wherever, but it all adds to the grim post-holiday feeling.

If it’s over 4-5 hours I might take off my shoes (would generally slip them back on to go to the bathroom though, sometimes on an overnight flight I might not bother if it’s a case of I’ve just woke up needing a quick piss) especially if it’s overnight and I’m in business.

At this point i’d like to casually mention that i too am very, very important and often travel in business class.


it was more the fact that you’ll likely be laying down and trying to sleep - so be weirder to keep shoes on at that point, surely?


Also - too many ‘very’s’ If you were vvip you’d be in first.

The extra v is for VYOVV


what’s that extra v for?

the thing with that though is that folk with humming feet never think their feet are humming


I am currently a shoes off person, but working so hard to be a shoes on person. Would love to be that dignified.

Taking your shoes off in public’s gross. Worked with loads of people who do it over the years. Obviously you’ve got to be mature about it, lots of time people aren’t aware of their body smells are they, or might have reasons for not being overly concerned about hygeine and that, but at the same time it can be quite unpleasant.

Also don’t understand the logic behind bare feet not being cool but socks being alright. In most cases it’s the socks/tights and shoes (especially trainers) that smell.

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Feet themselves don’t really hum as such. It’s always cause of the shoes or sock situation.

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I put BBBQ sauce down on my shopping list at the weekend, wife didn’t even notice it, was gutted

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