Flight of the Conchords (MCTFTSB)


Musical Comedy Thread for the Social Board.

UK Tour in March/April. Anybody seen them live? Is there much point when you know the songs? I love them, but the joy is in discovering the jokes as they’re delivered. I can’t imagine it’s as enjoyable when you’ve got people singing along to the punchlines…?


Saw them a few years ago and it was quite fun, bit pointless though like you say.


I’d quite like a third series of FotC, though I’d be slightly worried it’d not be very good.


Can’t see me finding it funny anymore.


It was a good night out last time I saw them, I imagine it would be a good night out this time as well.


woah that’s weird
was just looking at my last.fm cos of jooks thread and fotc are the only one of my top ten artists I’ve not seen live

I’ve moved on with my life a bit but it will still be good


Not here to piss on anyone’s parade because I hate it when folks do that with comedy, but is there anyone else who doesn’t find the FOTC songs funny? Like, I really enjoyed the ‘normal’ bits - thought the dialogue was sublime in an understated way - but the songs didn’t connect for me. As far as I can tell, the TV is the only other person in the world who reacted that way. And I really wanted to enjoy it - shoulda been right up my street.


I saw them a few years back and yes, it’s pretty much just the songs with a bit of comedy between them. It was great if you do find the songs funny (and I do), but if you love FOTC for the non-song bits, then you may end up leaving disappointed.

Haven’t watched or listened to them in years, but was sat in the Tipi Tent at EOTR last month and they played “Hurt Feelings (Tears of a Rapper)” over the PA. Still brilliant, IMO


Agreed. It could have just been a brilliant dry sitcom with no songs. The dialogue was always my favourite bit.

I suppose when they were offered a series based upon being a musical act, they were obliged to include the songs they already had but lots of them just feel really crowbarred in. Or others are what the episode was written around. Like the mermaids song. Not particularly funny or relevant to the episode. I think they burnt through most of them in series 1 so actually had to write more from scratch for series 2.


Given that all musical comedy is inherently shit I think it’s creditable that they made some “funny” songs that didn’t make you want to gouge your eyes out.

Agree the non-music bits were the best.


Ah see this is what I didn’t want to say with my post. Lots of people enjoy it - it’s hard to argue for it being inherently shit…


quite enjoyed the songs in the first series mostly, less so in the second series, but yeah i found the dialogue much better


pretty sure they have some new songs now and they’re not just touring around some songs from 10 years ago. i’ll probably go to this i reckon, and kind of hope they don’t do too many of the old ones.


That’s why I didn’t argue it, rather I hyperbolically stated it, for comic effect :smiley:


Fair - sorry, one of my pet peeves about this forum.


Was surprised at how much I laughed at hearing their songs live considering how many times I’d watched the series! I would definitely be more inclined to go this time round if they were performing new material though…

Arj Barker’s stand up as a support act was terrific too! I wonder if they’ll manage to bring along him, Rhys Darby, Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman or perhaps Aziz Ansari as a warm up again?


no way this wont be tragic

reckon theyl play this??




i spotted some videos of new songs appearing on youtube when they were last touring america, i watched one which was really funny but didn’t watch any more just in case they were gonna tour here

think David O’Doherty was supporting them on that tour as well so they could get him in for this one as well maybe (just saw him again at the weekend as it happens)


Supposedly, there’ll be a movie sooner or later. No more seasons of the show planned