Flight of wine etiquette


Doing a tasting menu in Norwich (hi saps!) at the weekend.

Not done one with a flight of wine before.

What’s the deal? Do you get a full 250ml glass with each course, so you’re absolutely smashed by the end? Hope so.

Or do you just get a thimbleful that you’re then expected to spit into a gold bucket or something?
Hope not.


Tasting menus are great. Only ever done one with wine before and it was completely wasted on me. It did make me very pissed though.


I have never heard the phrase flight of wine before.

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Donenit once or twice, ime you get quite a lot with each course, i was actually double parked at some points which I’m sure is bad etiquette but I am punk as hell.


^absolutely smashed


Every flight I’m on is a flight of wine actually more like a flight of gin am I right guys I do like to drink


Have had mixed wine flight experiences. Risk of being too drunk to enjoy the food by the end, but an absolute treat if it’s paced well.


More of a train beers man, myself…

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think we’re going to the pub beforehand :grimacing:

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what the hell has seaon done to the emojis???



Which restaurant in Norwich is it? Had a cracking meal there once at Benedicts

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yep! That’s the one

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vegetarian tasting menu.

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Ah nice! Have a feeling we did and enjoyed their flight.

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Depends on how many courses in the meal and flight (like- is it an 8 course tasting menu, with one glass per course, or one glass for every 2 courses, or whatever) but in my (v limited)* experience, it’s not a large glass of each thing, more like a 125- 175 ml. Slightly smaller amount for a pudding wine.

  • I am too much of a control freak to let myself go properly with the wine flight experience, plus my bf doesn’t like white wine. Having said that, the few times I’ve had it I’ve realy enjoyed it and found something new I liked so I ought to loosen up.

Matching wines are often a bit of a con. It can be a way for a restaurant to get rid of wines that don’t sell.


Right it’s wine pairings, stop just saying wine flight/flight of wine as if that’s how humans talk.


‘wine pairings’ doesn’t sound any better

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seems like a tasting menu is a really big indulgence and waste of food