Flights/skyscanner etc

So the missus and I are trying to do a european weekend away somewhere.

We’re relaxed about where we go but the missus wants to fly somewhere because I fly all the time and she never does so she’s a bit jealous.

We have quite a tight window and want to maximise the time we go away for because of childcare/work etc.

So what we want is to find an afternoon flight from either Manchester or Liverpool (say between 2 and 4pm) and then an afternoon flight home landing back between 4 and 6 pm.

So what I’d like to do is search based on time and home airport rather than destination. Obviously I can look at routes flying today but that’s not the same as flights in 3 months time.

Is there a way to do this? Skyscanner doesn’t quite do it I don’t think. Also many flights are morning/evening and so finding good afternoon flights is harder

Google Flights is great for it:


why is she jealous, flying’s the worst


that’s my view too but she wants to go somewhere nice and hasn’t flown for 2 years

remember in the olden days when people said they used to turn up to the airport with a suitcase and see what flights had empty seats on them

what a time to be alive

perfect, that’s exactly what i need! thanks!!

You can type “Everywhere” in the To part on skyscanner and it brings up a load of places in price order

I do this at least three times a day to daydream and email my bf going OMG WE CAN GO TO INDIA FOR £400!!

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I know that, the issue is that you have to click on each potential destination to filter based on time, which is a ballache. we want to fly out in the afternoon so have the evening in the destination, and then fly back sunday afternoon so see the kids before bed. google flights has the flexibility i’m after, you can search everywhere and then apply direct flight/times as filters and it shows all possible destinations and prices

I really miss my best mate working for flybe at Southampton Airport. I’d just rock up on a boring Thursday and be like “send me somewhere for £50”. Great times.

There are sliders to the left on sky scanner that let you adjust times.

I prefer google flights though.

I know, but you can only do that when a specific destination is selected.

Ahhhh ok. Apologies.

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