Flint Town

Has anybody watched this? Thoughts if so?

I watched it last night after having read this superb article about it being ten years since the finale of The Wire, which seemed in a way quite…apt.

I watched the 1st one - it was good,

Not entirely sure I feel compelled to watch them all though

I’ve seen a couple of them.
A bit, ever so slightly, too pro-cop for my liking. But a good insight to how blinkered the American justice system is getting.

It’s definitely not pro-cop by the end of the eight episodes. I had that feeling around episodes two and three, but i think they were just trying to provide context of the split amongst people in America and to show how difficult a job it is particularly for black officers.

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watched a couple of these last night

it’s absolutely fucking mental that they manage to keep any sort of order with less than a hundred coppers for 100,000 people/the size of the place