Flip out/rage quit thread


TW: I’m not sure of the tone this thread will ultimately take but I guess just be aware that people might have flipped out for not great reasons etc

Anyway - ever lost it past the point of your own control? Not just having a row - full can’t-stop-yourself yelling at the world?

Old pal of mine used to flip out if he was losing an argument even. Remember we once had a HUGE debate about whether a track by Hot Club de Paris was slowing down or just being drummed differently. Settled it with a metronome and in response to being wrong he flipped the entire table over and stormed out. Was kind of excellent at the time


Of all things, Hot Club de Paris!


Probs done this 3 times I reckon.


He’s a drummer himself so it was a real point of pride




I mean, not precisely this.

(I think it was about a Turin Brakes song)


I once lobbed my coffee at a train that pulled out of the station 2 mins early


The only time I have had red mist descend was when my best mate called me a ‘uni cunt’ cos I told him to stop spilling cider in our tent at Latitude festival. He wasn’t the best academically and I never rubbed it in his face that I went to uni so it was a really weird comment and I proper lost it. Ended up throwing hands and then I apologised within about 15 seconds of losing it. Very odd.


Had a completely dickish argument with a pal whilst in Bratislava years and years ago about the fact that he loved The Rasmus meaning that he couldn’t in good faith claim to be a “music fan”. It led to the formation of two individual groups going their own way for the night rather than us all being out together.

I am extremely ashamed of it, what a fucking unbearable prick I must have been


I’ve kicked a few trains/cars in my time :grimacing:


(any other examples of flipping out or rage quitting are entirely down to a negative football result and, as such, don’t count)


Would you say you’d been watching and waiting in the shadows that night?


Once had a subway meatball sub, gravity must have been extra strong that day because the filling just kept getting away from me, I would stop it coming out of one bit and it would come out of another bit, after the third meatball hit the ground I became overwhelmed and threw it against the ground, splattering myself with marinara sauce in the process


god i love hot club de paris, going to go and listen to their second album right now


He still sings it to me every time I see him these days and I properly love him. He is the Rentokill mate that was previously one of the Securicor men with the helmets and who worked at a dump for a bit. He’s the best.


Such a good band and I always forget how good they are!


Love this


still got a lot of time for their debut too, this is a fucking beazer


Hey Housebrick is such a tune


Which side of the debate were u on please?