Flip phones are back, then

Recall a mate who entered loads of competitions winning the first Three network clamshell video phone when they first started and were desperate to get everyone onboard. It was similar in size to this

Anyway, not sure but I guess maybe this is the future (past)?

You can fold them 200,000 times before they start looking damaged. Pretty sure that’s not a lot. Pointless.


In pog form?

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What about funky days?

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That means you’re allowed to fold your phone 547 times per day for a year.

I can’t fold a piece of paper in half more than eight times, so I’m pretty impressed with this!


Would be easier to fit in pockets at least.

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Can’t be arsed with that line down the middle soz

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Why did he need three phones?

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You (apparently) can’t see it when it’s open. Clearer in the video on the site


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y tho


Within five years we’ll all have flippin phones and laughing at what luddite we were.

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Looks like it might be good for playing battleships

Probably be less than that. Everything is hyper accelerated.

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I think if you imagine a 3 year lifespan it worked out as 7 to 8 times an hour but obviously that’s including hours when you’re sleeping. Still, this has a built in extra reason to make you upgrade. Sneaky

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The Samsung S20 Ultra has like a 100x zoom or something, but when is anyone going to use that? Never.

maybe if something you wanted to take a photo of was 100x away from you


You know what the worst part about this is? It’s probably pronounced the Galaxy Zee Flip.

Just watched the video and it is as horrific as I feared.