Flippy the Job stealing

scab scum robot!

Hey, flippy, FUCK YOU!

Let’s all talk about robots, or ruthless restaurant owners, or how thin those burgers looked

yeah, trying to steal all our jobs!!
Hey, Flippy! they can’t automate what I do so hands/mechanical claw arm off, yeah*
*oh dear god flippy please dont take my job I need this for my family I need this

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

threads like this are why they’ll kill us all


how many flippys you reckon you could fight off? I reckon about 6, unless they have some sort of testicle grab move

Poor Flippy :frowning:

There was a programme on recently where they tried giving a robot to a kid with autism. It was supposed to test him on his word recognition skills or something and be all non-threatening. Problem was it kept telling him he’d got the words wrong when he hadn’t. Proper cushion-gnawing stuff that was.

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That’d be the latest episode of Electric Dreams earlier this week.

Really enjoying the stories about Alexa randomly laughing at its owners.

I too enjoy the works of Johnny Five



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Bout time the Luddites came back.

Which fictional robot could steal your job? I reckon Orac from Blakes Seven could do my job easy-peasy, including matching my esoteric Excel skills and my chippy sarcastic nature.

flippy will impoverish yr children and hook your bum up to the matrix but damn that is a tasty burger

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This needs to be on a T-Shirt.


I think K9 would make me look lacking TBH, or metal micky

I don’t know what else I was expecting to happen there…

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I used to have a cat called Flippy.