Where have they gone? For the past few weeks Tezzas were practically giving them away at a quid a go, now, I can’t even see them in the shop, not even a gap in the shelves where they should be! Daddy needs his fix!


I’ve had to ban myself from buying them because I will eat them in one go.


What are flipz??

EDIT: Don’t worry! I have googled them. They don’t look like the kind of thing I’d be into but I wish you well on your quest!




Chocolate covered pretzels.


This! I bought six bags last week, now I cannot find them for love nor money and those six bags are long gone…


I’ve not been to tescos for a while but do they have home brand fizzy drink in yet?


Please, this is neither the time nor the thread…



Sorry. I’ve not seen those either.


Always sad when they are not only there but tha space for them has gone, Sainsbury’s near work recently stopped doing the ‘take 5’ Bar, the best chocolate bar the world has known.

Got some flipz in coop the other day


theres loads in Asda, still a quid


Sounds like reducing prices to clear out stock that wasnt selling well, then discontinuing purchasing the product line.


UPDATE: Dark chocolate Flipz are £1 a go in Co-op, bought the last four bags on the shelf, praying they don’t disappear in future.


This thread is panicking me. May go and stash up.

  • Dark choc
  • Milk choc

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£1 a go in Iceland too flipz gang


I feel like I need to speak to Flipz HQ about this. According to the packet they are produced by United Biscuits - is that McVitie’s parent company? Flipz seems to have no Twitter presence of its own.


Iceland saves the day. Accidentally bought some milk choc ones but eh.


Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter covered pretzels are the fucking BOMB


They’ve gone up to £1.50 a bag in Iceland!!!