Floating Points

My favourite was Skee Mask - Compro or Leon Vynehall - Nothing is still.

Also really liked albums from:

Rival Consoles
Jon Hopkins
DJ Koze
Daniel Avery

probably loads I’ve forgotten too


Just got halfway though this and realised he is playing at the side, rather than at the end. Crazy

Solid list, agree in particular with Skee Mask and Against All Logic.

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Djing on NTS right now sounding mighty fine

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New album coming 26 March with Pharaoh Sanders & London Symphony Orchestra. Without even hearing a note I feel this is very much what I need right now.


This could be special


How amazing could this combination be live?
Damn you covid!


Just heard this record. Did anyone else tune into the stream?

AOTY. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful record.


Yep, thought it was incredible. Lights down, eyes closed, it was a really great way for them to debut it. So much detail in it, I just want to listen again straight away. When’s it out? I’ve got a copy on order, can’t wait.

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Next week I think. So beautifully done, and Pharoah Sanders is fantastic. That part where he started singing … :star_struck:

Trying to decide whether to buy the vinyl, or whether flipping it over would break it up too much.

Yeah that was so good, really made me smile.

Oh man. Easily the album I’m most excited about this year. Any idea whether there’s a way to listen again?

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Sadly not - the stream was very clearly a one-time thing. I’m busting to listen again, but think we have to wait til Friday now!

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I cannot wait to hear this album. Had no idea about the live stream.

Really nice article with some of the backstory and a pretty bang-on description of the record. I am so excited to hear this again.

The composition, written by Shepherd, begins with orchestral refrains that evoke a sense of space, an open field. Sanders explores the expanse, testing out riffs and runs. You are carried along not by a rhythm track but by the flickers of Sanders’s horn, the distant sound of a synthesizer, string crescendos suggesting a light just past the horizon. There are long, quiet stretches when you can hear Sanders’s reed vibrating as he blows, the sound of sheet music being shuffled. Over time, the orchestra takes charge, and, about halfway through, a swell of strings washes over everything, calling to mind Alice Coltrane’s swirling, devotional music. When the instrumentals settle, Sanders returns quietly, fingering the keys, then blowing again, softly. His playing is twisty and teasing. A synthesizer seesaws in the distance, almost imperceptible, as Shepherd slowly begins to accompany him

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Can’t see a discogs entry for the new album yet. Is it getting a vinyl release? I bloody hope so.

Yup, a couple of versions here:

went with Norman records as the USD and pay what you want was spinning me out on bandcamp!

This got a very underwhelming review in this month’s Uncut so I’m tempering expectations a little.

Few other very positive reviews floating about (in addition to the testimonies above)