Flora AND fauna?


Flora is fauna!

Flora is margarine silly

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Oh yeah, sorry.

Flora is margarine

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You’re welcome

  • Flora
  • Fauna

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Flora and fauna? Ambassador you are really spoiling us.


Yeah, yeah. This is good stuff

They are actually distinct kingdoms, kingdom of plants and kingdom of animals, although they do sometimes come in one package, like a gardener or those sloths that move so slowly they grow moss

I thought fauna was just flora without the flowers or something. Like grass is fauna and a daisy is flora or whatever.

I basically don’t know any single thing though to be fair to me.

Flora is such a nice girls name, shame it’s almost exclusively given to trust fund luvvies

Idk if this is the right way but i remember it as fauna = fawns = animals and flora = flowers = plants


One of my great pals has a dog called Flo but its short for Florence not Flora.

So grass is flora? I’m learning it all tonight!

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There is also funga (mushrooms)

90s pokemon GIF

sometimes, but only in cartoons for babies,

children, adults, and the elderly.

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Whats a fern? Is there Ferna?

nothing, what’s a Ferna wi’ you?




This is what it should be imo. Fauna doesnt sound like anything but plants does it. Always been a bit peeved about it tbh.

Ferns, they’re fauna. Let’s campaign to have this changed

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Bang on, mate. Fucking bang on.

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