Florida shooting

I mean, what more is there to say? DiS inadvertently highlighted the point:

It fucking sucks. Nothing will happen, again.

Ban all schools

Grow up


I was thinking about this last night and my mind wandered to a dark place. I struggled to sleep afterwards. I drop my daughter off at her school every morning with the assumptions she’ll not be hurt. That’s a given expectation. However, I understand she’ll fall over once or twice and maybe get hit by someone or something during normal play. It’s part and parcel. But I know for a fact she’s safe. Like, she might get hurt but that she’s absolutely safe.

But I also lived in Texas. I knew many people who had guns in their cars and trucks in the parking lot at work where I worked. I knew there was rules for bringing them in, but my wife (who is Canadian, and has similar gun control laws but no real gun issues of the same magnitude of the US, a discussion for another time) found it terrifying.

So my question is what is the disconnect that means that parents can send their kids to a school and then them not come home due to someone killing them there. I don’t understand the mental disconnect that says “guns are fine” but also says “school shootings are bad”. It’s hard to comprehend that those same people who are for the access to weapons also send their kids to schools that, unlike here, might not be ostensibly safe.

There have been eight school shootings in seven weeks this year. Assuming school started the week after New Year, that’s 6 weeks of 5 schooling days - so 35 days of schooling. With eight shootings, that’s 22% of the school days this year have had a school shooting. One every 5 days.

I am not saying anything new. I don’t have an answer. I am just framing it as I saw it.


There are some videos going round twitter that students filmed whilst the school was on lockdown. Harrowing stuff.

It speaks such volumes when you see this on the news and feel virtually no degree of surprise. There’s something grotesquely banal about how formulaic the coverage feels. The young white male shooter showing off his arsenal beforehand, the description of the facts, the eye-witness accounts of barricading doors, the bullshit “now is not the time to discuss gun control” lines from Republicans, the baffling statistics (one school shooting a week on average since 2013!). It’s heartbreakingly familiar, horrifying, and yet scarily numbing all at once.


Not sure what the stats and demographics look like on the appetite towards the “right to bear arms” and whether it is a majority who are steadfastly against any gun control talk or not.
But yeah, without getting all “as a parent”, I just can’t see how you could drop your kids off at school, with all the anxiety and love and concern for their welfare that brings anyway, but also against the backdrop of out of control gun violence in america/american schools and still be of the opinion that my right to bear arms is a priority here. Baffling.

Relax I was being facetious about the whole frustrating situation - probably didn’t come as that

As I saw someone tweet today if pollies can’t and won’t do anything about gun control they should go and ban high schools!

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Think I heard the stat that this is the 32nd school shooting in America THIS YEAR!! 45 days in.

I remember when sandy hook happened thinking that this one was so unspeakably awful that it would be the one that made them make a change, that this time they couldn’t ignore it and something would have to be done. just saw a stat that there’s been 1606 mass shootings since then


All those guns and they never seem to shoot the right people.


that wasn’t meant as a reply to you. I did mean to reply a ‘wtf’ to you though :slightly_frowning_face:

Is it possible that an “Anti-NRA” could be formed (or is there one already), that could be funded to a similar level?

Obviously in an ideal world you wouldn’t have to fight corruption and lobbying by doing the same, but if the system is rotten then what else can you do?

2nd ammendmant man, dont mess with freedom. :eagle: :us:

The NRA is funded by profits from the gun industry though. Hard to replicate that.

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This is the thing that jumped out for me last night. What I think really got me is that the previous 7 were considered so un-noteworthy they weren’t really reported over here and so I had no idea.

Let me clarify this - there have eight that resulted in death. There have actually been 18.

Source - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/14/school-shootings-in-america-2018-how-many-so-far
Source - http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-15/there-have-been-17-shootings-in-america-so-far-this-year/9449748

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