Florida shooting

Erk. Was reading on the train last night and I guess my brain didn’t process the latter bit of the stat.

It’s mental that media are reporting this as the “Eight deadliest mass shooting in modern US history” … like it’s becoming some kind of contest or something? Someone’s even posted a spreadsheet detailing all the mass shootings since 1982, this stuff is MENTAL!!

Fucking awful stuff this man. They’re not going to change. I got talking to a guy in Nashville in Oct 17 and he was pro gun. I gently prodded as to why and he came out with all the “I like having them, they’re fun to shoot at the range / not my problem people can’t control their urges for murder / I need them for protection / the real problem isn’t mass shootings it’s the day to day gun murders and really, that’s black people that are the problem” (couldn’t believe that last one). There’s no way to change the minds of these individuals. As long as they’re not losing family members, they don’t give a single fuck and the same goes for senators taking bungs off the NRA 'dead kids? meh, another mil in the bank, gotta look after me and my family’

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i’m sure by the law of averages one of them has lost a family member to a mass shooting, and they probably feel let down by them for not shooting back


Still trying to get my head around a man murdering over fifty people and injuring in excess of 800 from a hotel window with automatic firearms, there being a national manhunt to find his ‘Asian’ girlfriend, then the whole thing getting swept under the carpet when they realised she had nothing to do with it.

Obviously the only response should be calling on Congress to actually do something about it.

Not doing that awful right-wing thing of diverting the debate away from the actual issue, but I do find it completely incomprehensible the regularity that this happens. I can barely believe how many people are seemingly compelled to do something so unspeakably evil.

The really odd thing I find with this and the 1st amendment (also cited way too often to back up mindblowing assertions) is they were amendments in the first place; bold statements from their founding fathers that they didn’t have all the answers and they weren’t always right, yet they’re both considered utterly inalienable rights by so many. I always find the posts from those on here with experience of living in America interesting, but I find the attitudes people have come across utterly mindboggling.

This has actually reduced me to tears.

so messed up.



absolutely, a quick google says there have been only 27… out of 11,000 attempts at amendments.

its weird, but people already have a massive stockpile of guns etc. then there’s different laws/opinions in different states etc

shit is a mess.

this shooter used an AR-15 didn’t he?

its a fucking cannon

if they can’t change the laws in any way, couldn’t they at least provide armed guards in schools? or would the logistics be too complex?

Pretty much all the evidence suggests that this would make the situation worse, accelerating gun ownership and normalising its use, while militarising children’s lives.

So yes, that’s what they’ll probably do.


This is surely some kind of tipping point; #GunControlNow trending for the last 12 hours even in the UK.

This is from last year and it’s very very good

If only


‘Surely some kind of tipping point’ - I’d love to think so but it feels like we have thought that every single time something like this happens.

It is obviously a bit glib to compare and that isn’t my intention at all, but I sorta feel that if Sandy Hook didn’t inspire any change then I don’t think anything ever will.

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Aye. It’s the kind of “compromise” solution that’s neither a compromise nor a solution but would keep the NRA pretty happy. Those for gun control need to openly face down all attempts to normalise gun use in America.

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I don’t understand how anybody could read that and not think massive change needs to happen.

I honestly dont think a single incident, however bad, is going to be a tipping point. If nothing changed after virginia tech or sandy hook…

Views are so entrenched on this, it can only be a gradual shift in attitudes over time. Depressingly, i think attitudes to gun ownership over the last few decades are actually shifting in the wrong direction.


I mean, I started to type “there is no plausible situation where you would need one of these for self defense” but you know the person buying it will always find some way to justify it to themselves. “I need it to protect against Islamic extremism” or something like that.

yeah, leaving the moral debate about hunting to one side… its even shit for hunting :confused: