Florida shooting

I think I noted at the time that as a result of Texas last year, the Columbine massacre had dropped out of the top ten most deadly gun massacres in the US.

Quite something when your reference points for mass killings/barbarity keep being superseded. Especially in light of no preventative political action being taken.

The thing that continually disheartens me is the fact there’s a ready solution which keeps the 2nd Amendment intact. Simply banning certain types of weaponry like assault rifles. You don’t need wholesale repeal of the 2nd Amendment to stop people dying.

‘assualt’ rifle - clue is in the name, innit? No one needs an assault rifle for self defence ffs

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Or for hunting.


Interpretation is everything though:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The banning of any particular form of arms can be seen as an infringement of one’s right to bear it - which is how extremists (and they are extremists) would argue against banning assault rifles.

Oh sure. I didn’t say it was plausibly achieveable, more pissing into the wind in despair at there being an available compromise on the matter which is unable to be taken. It’s infuriating to observe.

You often see in the comments after such events people saying ‘no one needs a machine gun’ about guns like that and then gun rights types going ‘omg that’s not a machine gun, you liberals are so ridiculous.’ as if that’s the point, it’s not actually a machine gun so it’s fine.


Of course, at the time it was written, “arms” extended to a rifle that could get off a round every ten seconds or so if you were lucky and left you needing to hide while you reloaded, whereas now you can get off a hundred rounds in that time and keep anyone who might be able to stop you pinned down instead.

Do forget the ‘as part of an organised militia’ bit. And I don’t think that extends to cooking crystal meth in the mountains.

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Yup, as the argument always ends up with ‘well if more people carried guns then someone would have stopped him’. Because more guns is the solution.

Aye. It’s horribly worded though - the way it’s drafted doesn’t actually directly link the two clauses of the sentence; it reads as “well armed militias are necessary AND ALSO we shouldn’t infringe your rights”.

Ah I didn’t know that.

I think I’d be afraid to go to school if I was an American child or teacher. Maybe the teachers should refuse to teach because their work place isn’t safe or something. :man_shrugging:

America, where people can be both ’pro life’ & pro Guns

Also, this speaks volumes

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Maybe the best gun control advocates can hope for is a concession that the clause’s language is outmoded, leading to interpretations that are not in the spirit of the amendment.

From there, a clear and concise amendment with definite context may be written.

Look at how often amendments are actually ratified though. The last one was a technical point about the salary of politicians 25 years ago. Given the lobbying power of the NRA over politicians, the gerrymandering of districts to entrench right-wing political control, the expected make-up of the Supreme Court in coming years, and tonnes of other systemic factors, a constitutional amendment of that scale seems functionally impossible (though of course I’d advocate for it).

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Yep, I agree


The way both sides are framing this is a bit weird IMO. One saying “it’s about guns” the other saying “it’s about mental health”. Guys, there doesn’t have to be one single factor to blame here, it’s entirely possible that a broken society with a shit mental health safety net AND widespread access to powerful arms are both causes. Both need fixing.

When stuff like this happens i always forget to not look on social media sites for a few days. Literally just thousands of people arguing about whether he is or isn’t white, or is a Democrat or Republican. People photoshopping his face onto leftwing demonstrators, etc, etc. Hard to know what’s factory bots and what’s actual human beings, but i’d be happy for them to pull the plug on Twitter completely, tbh.


It’s clearly about guns. We have big mental health problems in the UK but funnily enough don’t have any mass shootings.