• Should be available in smaller quantities - I don’t use huge amounts of it (use it in sauces, use it when rolling pastry), I don’t want a kilo of it sitting in my cupboard for 18 months until I throw it out.
  • Should be packaged using materials that don’t result in flour getting everywhere when you pick it up.

You can get plain flour in 500g bags.

I have a whole kitchen cupboard shelf full of bags of flour. They are all in paper bags, which I find keeps the flour in.

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Difficult to find anything to disagree with here, good thread.


It’s cheap, though, innit?

There’s probably an issue with airtight packaging or else I would have thought they’d be using it by now? Or maybe bakers just don’t like that sort of packaging so we’ve stuck with paper.

Nothing more horrendous than opening a pack and seeing those beasties crawling all inside.

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If you want to be a more proactive flour user then get yourself a bread machine.

I might get a bread machine.

Or just bake bread. Or make more cheese sauces.

It’ll be the best 100ish quid you’ll ever leave unattended in the corner of your kitchen for months on end.


The paper bags are a shambles. Even when sealed in the shop you still end up with flour on you if you pick one up. And they’re minimum 1kg bags in my local supermarket, and it’ll be a cold day in hell before I shop around for flour.

£100?! Forget that, it’ll take about 3,000 loaves before that pays for itself.

The bread’s nice in it but yeah it’s not really a money-saving device. You would need to hand-make bread for that.

I usually mill my own


Or buy a second hand one. People are always selling them on having asked for them as presents then realised that they’ll never, ever use it.

This looks like it might be straight up you avenue:

“Gold Medal” is reassuring.

And the fact it is bleached means it will be really clean.

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Where are you? I use a lot of flour so I’m happy to sell you small amounts in 50g increments in a lock-n-lock (buyer’s own) if you’re able to come and pick it up (N. London)

prices start at 50p for 50g (plain flour, more for fancy stuff), pick up times 6-9pm weeknights

Tez have started selling cornflour in these fuckers:

Really is immensely helpful.

I’m in Glasgow - I’m available to work as a distributor for you up here if you’re looking to expand?

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My mom has one of these that she has always kept her cornflour in