Flu jab 2021

Got my flu jab privately this morning. Make sure you get sorted if you’re able to, as flu season could be bad this year due to lockdown reducing our natural immunity.


I have a silly question - can you get jabbed twice in a year? Had mine in January but got a notification this week about this year’s. Should be fine to get it, right?

Got ours on Tuesday morning. My armpit has been tender and swollen since yesterday. Other than that no side effects, and I’m looking forward to blocking flu transmission all season long.

Yes, apparently it’s sometimes only effective for 6 months, also the jab you got in Jan might not be for the same strains that are in the current one.

Not a silly question at all. the flu season runs from around October to March, so your jab in January was for the tail end of that season, you are eligible for a jab this season. You can check this with your provider if you’re still unsure.


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Got mine last Thursday. My work arranges for a nurse to come in and jab everyone who wants it.


sneak into @aboynamedgoo 's office?


There may be eligibility for low income to get it cheaper.

When I booked mine at Boots, I paid online, but I also booked for that gnome at the same time, and when booking for her it didn’t give me the option to pay. When we got to Boots we mentioned that we hadn’t paid for hers, and they seemed more concerned with getting shots in arms and told her it didn’t matter, so she got hers for free.


Booked mine this morning. £15! I’m blaming brexit

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My work does it where you pay for it and then expense it. You could just try that?

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Almost impossible (for me) to get one of these in Ireland so I might try and sneak over the border to get one. Probably won’t though

Did the same but they cancelled M’s via text a couple of days after booking so she had to rebook

how come?

Dunno - they never seem to have enough and so only offer the jab to at risk groups, every time I’ve tried to book one even privately it’s told me I’m not eligible.

That’s very strange as I don’t think there’s currently a shortage, but maybe being a smaller market means the private providers don’t get much benefit/profit from running it if they can’t negotiate a bulk discount. The list price is around £10 so there isn’t a great deal of markup at £15 once you factor in the dispensing and pharmacist time.

You could phone and ask your GP, they might be nice and hook you up.

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I haven’t looked yet this year tbh, might be different… I think they do charge €15 or so though yeah.

i don’t have a gp, , that would require a level of maturity and common sense well beyond my 37 years of life experience :sweat_smile:

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I had the flu jab and 3rd Covid jab on Wednesday at work. Didn’t even feel either of them.

I’ve had no bad effects at all from either, but I’m on Covid wards every day and figure I’m completely immune now due to over exposure.

Had mine a couple of weeks ago, the soonest I could get. Booked it like 6 weeks ahead. No side effects except a bit of very mild fatigue the next day.

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Got mine a couple of weeks ago (£15, Boots) basically thanks to someone on here saying everyone should get the flu jab. Been spreading the word ever since. Can’t remember who it was urging people to get it, but they’re almost definitely in this thread, so thanks!

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