Flu Jab

Had mine at the weekend after shitting my wife up by coming close to snuffing it last year. Not totally sure flu had anything to do with it anyhow.

£13 at Boots, my mum tells me that it is £7 at ASDers.

What price your health.

I want to go home now.

We get one free at work but I will NOT have it

Denier or needle fanoir?

I don’t like having injections done but not because they hurt too much or anything, it’s more of a psychological issue of not liking the thought of what is happening when you have an injection done.

I’ll put you down for needle fanoir. My sister is one of those too. She had the flu two years back (like proper flu) and was giving it all the ‘I will get jabs in the future’. Has she? has she fuck.

I have only had one injection since my BCG and that was a requirement for travelling which I’m annoyed is no longer a requirement.

I hadn’t had any for years and then last winter’s hospital visit and fall out resulted in being needled every few hours. Got used to it but dreaded being woken in the middle of the night to have a nurse poking around for ages trying to find a dehydrated man’s veins.


I wont get one as it is actually the government putting a microchip into you and though they would find nothing beneficial from me even if this was the case, but u know you have to fight the power! I bet you believe the earth is round too u stupid globe head wolly!

If I can help this country and the world by getting microchipped that I am fucking proud to do so!

You only feel a small prick

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Flu jab
Mumps uppercut
Measles right hook

Old Blue Last blah blah blah…


From what I understand it doesn’t cure you of the flu just means your less likely to die if you do get it?

Will probably get one now I have a toddler knocking about the place. Never used to bother but did last year, was fine. Mrs HYG reckoned she got it last year and it made her sick, suggested that this was maybe psychosomatic, which she did not appreciate.

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I am the only person in my place of work who doesn’t have flu jabs each year. I am also the only person here who doesn’t get the flu each year.

That’s science, folks.


What do we all make of J Corbz refusing each year to have his (given he’s over 65)?

He probably should, shouldn’t he.

Why does he not do it?

Doesn’t say.

He is into homeopathy, we know that. Maybe it’s something to do with that.



Sorry for accuracy for it not to be a #blairitesmear should’ve said that historically he has been pro-homeopathy, not sure if he still is.